What the heck is The Virtual Campground?

the virtual campground teaches people how to blog as a business
February 2018 at the RV Entrepreneur Summit speaking on how to make your RV dream come true financially.

And why in the world does it exist?

Hi! I’m Liz Wilcox and I created The Virtual Campground as a place for like-minded spirits to come explore and find joy in all that is RVing.

We RVers (and dreamers!) are a special bunch, there’s no doubt about that. We’re willing to give up personal space for personal freedom. Our dreams consist not of climbing the corporate ladder, but of reaching high altitude. We firmly believe in the power of the campfire and refuse to settle for suburban survival.

As your virtual campground host, it’s my job to make sure all these features of your RV spirit are brought to life and continuously fed.

What to expect from TVC:

  • a sense of community
  • but-gusting laughs to keep you going when the journey gets tough
  • resources to get you on the road and keep you there
  • lots and lots of pictures of sweet RVs (seriously, I’m obsessed!)

Still unsure about hooking up to TVC? I get it. Here’s what campers are saying:

    • “You have inspired us all. I keep living life by society’s expectations of normal and my soul is yelling at me… You are a great writer. I love the humor and honesty. I believe in what you are doing. Thanks for being brave enough to share it. “
    •  “This (5th wheel) became our home 2 days ago and we are so absolutely in love! We paid cash for a home that cost less than most people’s cars and are growing together as a family. It feels good. Thank you for all of your inspiration! I really wanted you to know that you have made a difference for these 5 Texans. Keep up the awesome work!”
  • “I always love hearing from you. I enjoy reading your posts and your thoughts on your life experiences. I love the way you reach out and connect and communicate with others. To me I feel welcomed and invited, included, and accepted as I am, no matter what I’m feeling; happy, sad, joyful, angry…No shame! Thank you.”

So if you’re into RVs, laughing, and all of the above made sense to you, welcome home. I can’t wait to swap stories, have a good laugh, and work together to always keep the RV spirit alive.

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