Visiting New England doesn’t have to be about big cities and beaches lined with ritzy shops. Sometimes it can be about slowing down. Sometimes a trip to New England is best at a campground, experiencing the same bits of nature as the founding fathers.

Yeah. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

I think so, too.

So we settled in at Charlie Brown Campground in Eastford, CT. And boy was it as fun as its name.

We stayed for a week in a backup site overlooking the river on one side and the fishing pond on the next.  It was the most relaxing view for everyone in the family. Even my 3-year old daughter loved it.

Here’s everything you need to know about Charlie Brown Campground and why you should camp in the northeast region of Connecticut!

The full-time RV family behind The Virtual Campground reviews Charlie Brown Campground in Northeast Connecticut. If you're planning a trip or vacation to the East Coast in your RV, camper, or travel trailer then this is a must-read! |


Directly on the Natchaug River, Charlie Brown Campground offers camping and perfectly simple amenities in a very quiet and natural setting.  Whether you want to be close to the river, parked next to your friends and family, or somewhere with lots of shade, this place has a spot just for you.

Charlie Brown Campground is conveniently located in the northeast region of Connecticut, only about an hour west of Providence and 40 minutes east of Hartford.

I traveled with my family to this campground for a week-long stay. We planned to hike the nearby trails and do some floating down the river. However, the campground was so relaxing, we spent most of our time there!

And honestly, we really didn’t want to leave!

Campground Details: Clean and Serene

Charlie Brown Campground is the RV park you wished you had gone to as a kid.

As soon as you pull in, you can tell someone loves this park very much. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. And I didn’t see a soul without a smile on their face. Even the maintenance men stopped to chat with you. It was such a nice change from visiting the big cities New England is known for.

The grounds are very well taken care of. And even though the bathhouse and activities center certainly aren’t modern, I don’t think I’d have it any other way. There was a special charm to them. Perhaps like Grandma’s house… Clean and comfy.

They offer 85 RV and tent sites, and are adding brand new cabins this season for the “glampers” in the family.

Because they tend to offer specials and have both RV camping and tent camping available, prices can vary. You can take a look at their pricing chart here. Expect to pay between $35-60 a night for a campsite. And if you’re interested in their new cabins, you will average about $150/night but can get a deal the longer you stay.

We spent our time at site 41, in the back near the fishing pond. It was absolutely incredible. Even during the weekend when Charlie Brown Campground was full, we were able to maintain privacy and peace. I also loved being able to grill outside with a view of the river.

The best part of being in the back was having an open 360 view of camp.

I could see the campground and all the activity out of my windshield… the water to my right and left, and the woods in the back.

Charlie Brown Campground Amenities and Activities

This campground had just the right amount of things to do for family camping. My husband, my 3 year old, and myself were all very happy and entertained our enitre stay.

Personally, my favorite thing was the river. The RV park has a centrally located beach access that was just heaven for me. I took my beach chair down and sat with my feet in the cool water while my daughter played. It was shaded as well so I didn’t even have to stress about getting a sunburn!

My daughter’s favorite time was the weekend. Of course, the weekend brought lots of different families and kids for her to play with. Charlie Brown Campground also offered scheduled activities on Saturday and my daughter loved painting rocks and then walking down to the duck race.

My husband also enjoyed the chili cook-off and spent all Saturday creating his entry. He didn’t win, but don’t feel sorry for him. The other chili and free ice cream really softened the blow of defeat.

Onsite, my daughter also enjoyed the arcade games and the free games in the activity center. There was just enough variety for her to be happy and for me to walk away with money.

To add to the fun, the campground also offers a full soccer field and volleyball court. We loved playing together as a family, and joining in when the weekenders arrived.

Northeast Connecticut Regional Highlights

There are lots of things to do inside Charlie Brown Campground but if you’re looking to explore, this area of New England has lots to offer!

A must-see is Old Sturbridge Village. This is in Sturbridge, Mass, about 30 minutes directly north of the campground. As the largest outdoor living history museum in New England, you are in for a show! This museum brings the 1830s alive! You can explore a working farm, the local school, and many shops and stores.  If you’ve come to New England for some history, Old Sturbridge Village is where you can find it.

Closer to camp, there’s a fun restaurant called The Courthouse. Try the Mango-Habenero Salmon Caesar Salad with the Beer Sampler Paddle.

And while in Putnam, check out the antique shops or end the day with a performance at the Bradley Playhouse.

Final thoughts on Charlie Brown Campground

As a full-time RVer, we have seen our fair share of campgrounds. And I certainly don’t write about all of them.

But Charlie Brown Campground was just too good of an experience to not share!

The staff was friendly. The river was clean and gorgeous. And there was even the most amazing wifi I’d ever experienced!! I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this campground and I know you will, too. a

I highly recommend Charlie Brown Campground  to anyone traveling the Northeastern CT area as a must-camp! And when you get there, tell ’em Liz sent ya.

Check out more here.

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  1. Sounds lovely! Do you also post your reviews on rvparkreviews / campendium / rvparky? These review sites are invaluable when deciding where to stay!

  2. My wife and I have been full time RVers for about two and half years and spend time as workampers and because there is so much to see all over this beautiful country we agreed never to work more than once at each campground. But after last summer we fell in love with Charlie Brown Campground, it’s owners Chris, Steve and Pam St. John and all the seasonal’s that come back year after year.

    So we’re back again this year and have committed to be here the summer of 2019 and I hope many of your readers will join us.


  3. Hey Liz! Looks like a very nice, laid back campground. Love the reference to Grandma’s house….a bit retro but clean and comfy. These are the types of campgrounds that draw our attention. Venturing to New England is on our bucket list so will save this one as a must see! Looking forward to your next post. Best to you and yours!

    Happy Trails!

    Bob and Susan Willison

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