You’ve read the blog posts. And spent hours on Pinterest and YouTube. There is no one that knows more about family rv travel than you.


Umm, maybe.

Is this really the right decision for my family?

It’s a question every traveling RV family has been plagued with. You’re not alone.

Here are some signs that you’re ready for family RV travel to help you hit the road with confidence!

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You wish you had more time with your family.

rv travel family memories at a campground cookout

Of course every loving mother or father wishes this. Between work and school and everything else, it can be really hard to see the family as much as you’d like.

But for you it’s different.

It’s not just a wish.

It’s this nagging, achy feeling that you’ve got to do something to bring the family together or…or… or you’re just going to look back one day and ugly cry the shit out of life.

And all those dang celebrity Facebook posts about “taking control of your life” and “leap and learn to fly” really aren’t helping your common sense to stay put at the job you worked so hard to get.

I totally get you, my friend. And family RV travel may be able to help you.

You like your spouse.

Ed and Liz Wilcox posing for a picture as a traveling RV family
We’re the coolest.

Okay repeat after me:

My partner is wicked awesome and sexy and we’re attached at the hip. 

If that didn’t make you eyeroll (or worse: vomit) you might have a chance at living in an RV full-time as a family! Congrats!

Seriously though. You have got to like your husband or wife. 

When you move into a small space, and then start traveling, everything comes to the surface. And I do mean everything. You have been warned.

All those things that only slightly annoy in your townhouse will now drive you mad. Even stuff you used to think were cute might start to wear on your nerves. Yep. Even that.

Any dirty laundry you need to clean up should definitely be done BEFORE you move into an RV together. So get it all out now.

But if you’re thinking “I do think my husband is wicked awesome and sexy and we ARE attached at the hip,” then I think you’ll be able to work out any issues that come along.

Click here for some marriage tips on living tiny.

And click here for some encouragement on how family RV travel can bring you closer to your spouse.

You think your kids are pretty stellar, too.

Mom and daughter playing in the RV, laughing and smiling, getting along
Clowning around with your kiddos is essential in an RV!

This might go without saying, but I feel like I’ve got to include it.

If your kids genuinely get on your nerves, then you might want to reconsider your family RV travel dreams.

Your relationship with your kids doesn’t have to be perfect for you to take any sort of road trip. But it definitely needs to be more friendly than cold shoulder.

Traveling is hard. It’s going to be hard for you. And for your kids.

Things break. The RV goes slower than any other vehicle on the highway. Reservations get cancelled. And living in the small space together for more than a day or two can start to wear everyone down.

Now, I will give it to you that family RV travel just might be the thing to strengthen your bond with your kids. You’ll see your kids in a whole new light. And vice versa.

But I do recommend at least thinking your kids are cool before you hit the highway in an RV with them. Having that reminder will go a long way on tough days.

The most exciting part of family rv travel is the travel part.

ed and liz wilcox take a selfie of their rv family travel in class c motorhome
Nothing like the open road, baby.

Perhaps wanderlust has always been in your heart.

Or maybe you’re kids are halfway grown and the travel bug has bitten you pretty hard.

Whatever the case, you feel like you have just got to travel. Honestly, you feel like a kid waiting for Santa Claus the night before Christmas day!

You can’t get it out of your head. You spend hours looking at Instagram pics. Your bullet journal is just one giant bucket list. You’ve never felt more called to do anything in your whole life! Your heart aches just thinking about seeing your family explore the National Parks, dip their toes in the Great Lakes…etc. etc.

Sound familiar?

Your spouse is on board with the idea.

Alright, this one cannot be understated.

For the love of all that is holy… DO NOT FORCE YOUR PARTNER INTO DOING THIS WITH YOU!

It will be a bad time.

Before we started traveling, I was pretty pushy about the idea… my husband was in the Army and traveling meant he had to give up his 12 year career to hit the road.

It took me a while, but I realized I needed to slow my roll. I let off about the idea and stopped bringing it up as much. That was when my husband came around and said he was ready to try it.

But even with us both going all in, family RV travel has been hard for us. And good for us. It really ebbs and flows.

This lifestyle is not for everyone and it can be really hard if one spouse is “just doing it because they love you.”

Make sure you’re both really on board before making the plunge. You’ll thank me later.

You’ve done your homework and you’re not scared.

Family RV travel seems like a dream. You get to travel, be with your family, and sleep in your own bed every night. What’s the downside?

That might be a lot of people’s thinking, but not yours!

You’ve done your homework.

You know sometimes RVs break down. Gas is expensive. There can be lots of things to complain about.

But none of that scares you. You love your kids and your spouse. The wanderlust is strong in your heart. And you know you can overcome any challenges that come your way!

Congrats! You are ready to hit the road as an RVing family.

wilcox family travel in their 5th wheel
Congrats from my family to yours!

Think you have what it takes for family RV travel? Let me know in the comments why you want to hit the road!


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2 thoughts on “Family RV Travel: Signs You’re Ready

  1. This is something we are really looking into. We have owned a two TT and really enjoy it. When I was stationed in Alaska we would take our trailer out every weekend we could. My wife and I loved the freedom and the family time. After we left Alaska we sold our first trailer and missed it. Now that I am medically retired and we bought another trailer this past summer. As far as money goes, we would be just fine and selling our house would be no loss. I have one kid fixing to graduate high school next year and another who is autistic who would be with us. I have been reading a lot of your post and my wife and I are wanting to take the challenge.

    1. Awww Shawn! I am so excited for you to take the plunge! I think it’s going to be great for you and your family. Any tips for RVing in Alaska perchance?

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