Moana would totally RV. Yes, Moana, the girl from that movie with those awesome songs. Don’t act like you haven’t seen it. I know you’ve seen it. Twice.

And loved it.

Now most people watch this movie and think “Wow! The songs! The fun ethnic theme. Oh, and that chicken! Disney has outdone itself once again!” But of course, as a future RVer, I saw the movie and related on a level Mickey Mouse has never delivered before.

I saw it and knew, Moana would totally RV.

As you know, the movie starts with cute little baby Moana being extremely interested in the ocean. She seems drawn to it and very cutely, the ocean is quite literally beckoning her towards it.

WOAH Disney. Way to tap into my youth, there. Growing up in a small town of about 200 people, I saw generations of people stay in one place, walk in their ancestor’s footsteps, and that was, well, it. But like Moana, I wanted more than what this little community had to offer. I knew there had to be more “beyond the reef.”

Ya feel me? I know you do.

The movie goes on to show Moana growing up, her father always setting her straight about the ocean, telling her tales of her heritage and placing extreme emphasis on STAYING ON THAT DANG ISLAND. I mean, we get it Dad, the island gives us what we need (and no one leavvvesss!)

Just read these lyrics the Chief and villager’s sing to Moana’s young and impressionable mind:

There comes a day
When you’re gonna look around
And realize happiness is
Where you are

These words are sung to a confused child to deter her from straying “from the path,” to make her see how important it is for her to fulfill the role set out for her by someone else. And while life isn’t a musical with amazing lyrics written by the talented Lin Manuel-Miranda (look him up), we have been fed the same lines. “Do what we did. Go to school. Get a job. Take your vacation days and be happy.”
But like Moana, we are forlorn when it’s time for us to sing “and no one leaves.”

And let’s not forget the scene where Moana’s well-intentioned mother tells her “Sometimes who we wish we were, what we wish we could do—it’s just not meant to be.”

Really Mom?

Talk about the absolute worst advice ever, amirite? But unfortunately, the masses might agree with that little nugget of wisdom. Even I have fallen for it. Before I opened my mind to the idea of full-time RVing, I believed a whole number of things like this:

I have to use my degree in the way it was meant to be used. I have to settle for the salary someone else would offer me. I have to wait until retirement to relax. I am not an entrepreneur or a business woman.

I have to stay within the reef. No one goes beyond the reef.

But now as an RVer, I know that is a load of bull. Happiness is beyond the reef!

Of course, her incessant want for more isn’t the only thing that convinces me Moana would totally RV.

Let’s just talk about her mode of transportation.

What does Moana travel in on her incredible ocean-spanning journey? That’s right, a boat. Talk about living tiny! Here she is, wandering the globe with some dude with nothing but a sail for privacy. This badass Pacific Islander takes the cake on the #tinyhouse movement, that for sure.

Moana would totally RV in a vintage canned ham, don’t ya think?

moana would totally rv
Moana’s set up


And like many of us when we start our nomadic life, she is “self-taught.”

She does what she can and relies heavily on faith and determination. A complete natural, really. If you watch any RV channels or join any Facebook groups, you’ll soon realize we’re all just doing the same as Moana.

But isn’t learning by doing the most efficient level of education, anyway?

Not to be outdone by other epic tales, Moana faces major trials on her journey.

She smashes through coconut pirates and battles wits with a shiny crab. She must deal with a Doubting Tom (Maui) her entire quest. She strolls towards a legit LAVA MONSTER with the confidence of a thousand men, armed only with the conviction she’s doing right. (omg, best part of the movie, right?!) And above all, she absolutely stomps out any self-uncertainty time after time.

(Any one else in tears by the time she dives back into the ocean for the Heart? That’s what I thought.)

And don’t we RVers do the same? The course we must start just to begin RVing is treacherous in itself. We are faced with Doubting Toms like Maui at every turn. Most do not understand our plight, and have little to no confidence in our success.

How will you afford this lifestyle? Why do you think you can do this? What’s so special about you that you don’t have to go to work like the rest of us? Oh, remote work you say? Your own business? Good luck with that! 

I can hear Dwayne Johnson’s voice now.

And just like the Kakamora pirates trying to steal the Heart, there are those trying to steal your spirit and enthusiasm. We must never let them steal our greatest treasure, our dreams!

And woah! I swear Moana was written by a minimalist RVer.

Did any one catch the Tamatoa scene? You know, the Shiny crab thing? I’d rather be shiny? Moana was looking at this thing not in fear, but with confusion. Who would need to be so shiny?, her eyes ask.

Amen sister! As, well, humans in this modern world, we are constantly bombarded by shiny things. Buy this, buy that. Wouldn’t you rather be shiny???!!! The world practically screams it at you from every direction. And while yes, some RVers have nice and shiny Airstreams, we all know the beauty in creating bright memories over collecting dazzling figurines to attract “dumb fish.”

Like Moana and her lava-monster-turn-green-goddess, the open road can sometimes be scary. Things break, RV parks lose reservations, and Walmart is a closer friend than we’d like to admit. But if we take a step to just look back at this lifestyle, we quickly realize just like the Heart of Tafiti, it has the power to create a life worth living. (Nice tie-in, huh?)

Moana takes all her trials with stride when she remembers and believes in her purpose.

And that is the strongest bond between this Disney heroin and the RVer.  Our businesses might be growing at a much slower rate than we would like (cringe), but when we keep our purpose, our why, in the forefront of our mind, we quickly put our shoulder to the wheel and press on. Even if that means we continue to get pooped on or asked repeatedly “not to park there.” 

So if Moana was real, and not just the latest Disney Princess, er, Chief’s daughter, she would totally be like you and me. Moana would get creative, quit her day job, and hit the road. The call is inside her.

What calls you?




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5 thoughts on “Moana Would Totally RV

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! As I told you on Facebook I just had this conversation! I made the connection back when I first saw the movie and even though the groups on Facebook make me feel not alone in how I am…seeing it in a Disney movie and put to a soundtrack just made me feel like I am normal in my nomadic ways! I could have written this! Well done!!

  2. Wow, I doubt my movie date with the grandkids when we watch this movie again, just took a major leap!! Thanks!! You are so right! Lol!

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