Liz and her family in the car ready for roatrip
       It’s road trip time, baby!


So, if you have been following me on Facebook or YouTube, then you know the family and I just arrived in New England for some family festivities. What you may not know is that we did not bring Dixie, our lovable 5th wheel home. Instead, we drove the 1200 mile journey in our 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. Oh my gosh, it was not an easy trip. Before we even got in the car I was already wishing we could bring Dixie. This car trip showed me a ton of proof that RVing is right for my family. Here’s a list.

I’m SO excited for this trip, but I wish I didn’t have to pack!
I love going on trips. I have always loved to travel and my thirst for seeing what’s out there never ceases. However, packing stinks, especially with my (nearly) 2 year old. While her clothes are small, her need for books, some toys, and a pack and play is not. Now, I consider myself a minimalist of sorts and even I feel overwhelmed by her stuff when we have to pack it in the car. So how can I travel but not have to worry about a suitcase checklist? Why travel in our RV, of course!

About half way through packing
About half way through packing


Does that hotel take dogs?
One of the reasons we didn’t fly was so we could take our dog with us. We love Haley and want her to be as much a part of the family as the rest of us. While driving is a much cheaper solution for trips with pets than flying, it does not come without challenges. This time around, we were fortunate enough to find a place for her both nights with only a few phone calls but that is not always the case. Sometimes we are forced to stay in an area we would rather not. This is just more proof that RVing is right for our family. With an RV, our dog can join in on each and every adventure, hassle free!

I gotta pee!!!
Need I say more? While it is true, we would still have to stop in our 5th wheel for potty breaks, at least our potty would be very close! In a pinch, we could just pull over and open the door to our home and uh…relieve ourselves in comfort. No more sketchy rest areas or “customers only” signs. Honestly, what more proof do I need that RVing is the right choice?

All this junk food is making me sick.
Road food. It is so awesome until it’s not. You know the feeling. You start off on your trip eating Bugles and sippin’ Dr. Pepper. You’re laughing and singing and full of excitement for what is to come. Then you stop for lunch at a drive-thru hamburger place. Or maybe you had to fill up the tank and just picked up a quick bag of chips and an energy drink. Dinner rolls around and you stuff your face yet again with fast food or gas station goodies. By the time your head hits the pillow, your stomach is more or less TICKED OFF at you and you’re lying with your own regret. Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. Oh, and don’t even get me started on feeding a toddler some snack for breakfast and then trying to feed her ANYTHING ELSE the whole day. With an RV, I could have all our meals easily accessible to eat and enjoy while also satisfying our hunger for travel. More proof!


One too many road tacos
One too many road tacos

I forgot my pillow!
Going on a long trip is heaven until you get to your destination and the pillows suck. I mean, who can sleep on this thing, really? In an RV, your head-selected pillow is always with you. That alone, could make this lifestyle worth it.

Are we there yet?
Seriously, pull over. I cannot be in this car one more second!!! My back hurts and it smells like dog and farts. Now, I’ve been on many road trips. Our car has 86,000 miles on it and is only 3 years old. When I say I love traveling, I mean it. But I am not so in love with it that I am blind to the fact that cars get uncomfortable after a few hours. Riding in an RV gives you more comfort. The seats are nicer, the couch has seat belts, and the air is circulating through more space so it doesn’t smell soooo badddd! (I mean, how did any one fall in love before showers were a thing?)

I wish I had more time.
When you live and travel in an RV full-time, your schedule is more open. You don’t “have to get there” as quickly because you don’t “have to get back home.” The boss isn’t texting you wondering your ETA the night before vacation is over because well, you’re not on vacation. And doesn’t that sound amazing? It makes me think about how my mind worked in the past. I used to save money like I could never earn another dollar, and give my time away like more was coming my way. I have learned recently that the opposite is true.

The truth about money is I have some for a while, and then it leaves for someone else. My dollar amount is constantly changing and is somewhat predicable. Time radically opposes money. I am never going to have more time and there is no way to ever know how much I have in the first place. My life could end as I finish up this article, or I could live to see 100. I just don’t know. And this is all the proof I need to know that RVing is right for my family.




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