So you live in an RV…

But have you ever thought about what your RV says about you? Like, what’s the impression you give when you pull up to the campground?

Well, look no further my friend. The Virtual Campground is here to tell you all about how people are judging you from their camping chairs.

Class A

Ahh, the traditional motorhome. It’s your house and your vehicle all in one. Who wouldn’t want one?

The Luxury Motorhome

luxury motorhome liz wilcox

You want to go camping, you just want to do it in style. And who’s to say you can’t watch TV and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature at the same time? Just because you live in an RV doesn’t mean you have to be one of those tiny homes hippies!

It’s not a crime to like the finer things in life. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today and you’re not ashamed of that! Really, would you like a tour of the inside of this thing? It’s a beaut.

The only thing unattractive about how you live in an RV is the payment plan. I mean seriously. How can you afford that beast?

The Practical Motorhome

You live in an RV to be debt free. You bought the old-ish motorhome for cash and put a couple thousand into “making it a home.” Now you have this great Instagram following from that RV renovation keep it going with your amazing pictures of national parks and craft beer.

winnebago chieftain liz wilcox

It’s true; you are living the modern nomad dream and everyone knows it. Sure, it’s not perfect. There was that time you broke down on the side of the road… Oh, and the time the hot water heater went out and couldn’t get a repairman for a month, but hey! This is your life and you’re living it!

You go Glen Coco!

The Vintage Motorhome

Breaking Bad jokes be damned!

holiday rambler vintage motorhome

Your motorhome is a thing of beauty in your eyes. While some campgrounds say “no thanks” to your type, you don’t live in an RV to stay in that type of place anyway.

Maybe you’ve owned the rig for 30 years, or maybe it’s new-to-you and you love the idea that someone quenched their thirst for travel in this before passing the torch to you. Either way, your chest is puffed with pride when you gaze upon your rig thinking of all the history behind it.

Class B

Can we all just agree to call this a van?

class b campervan

You live in a van, but yes, we’ll all admit it’s a sweet van. It’s got a name and you’re never gonna sell it, no fricken way. Would people stop asking!? (GAH! So annoying!)

Despite your massive following on YouTube and Instagram, you’re highly misunderstood.

Sure, you are super artsy and talented and people nowadays think that’s cool but dang. You’ve just never fit the mold. You’ve never been able to just have the most amazing group of friends that you’ve related to, or been good at “keeping in touch.”

Of all the RVers out there, you’re the most fascinating and complicated. Congratulations!

Class B+

You’re old and you want a simple life, but you’d also like some room for your Shih Tzu.

living in a campervan rv

Moving on…

Class C

You don’t mind small spaces. In fact, you live in an RV to go on outdoor adventures.

class c in a campground

You’ve hiked (or are planning the hike) the AT and your small fridge is filled to the brim with sports drinks and protein rich goodies. Your cupboards hold more video/photography equipment and foul-weather gear than they do food.

You love dogs and find yourself wondering how many could actually live in an RV with you.

You also think your RV is just about the most wicked thing around. It’s hard not to get excited when people ask what kind of RV because you can reply “Oh you know, the kind you think of when you hear RV.”

You are just too cool.

Truck Camper

You’re a rugged mountain man with a sorted past just passing through town.

living in a truck camper

At least, that’s what people think until you step out and look like the shortstop for a team called Average Joe’s.

Not much is known about your kind, and you like it that way. Adds a little comical mystery. The truth? You’re just easy to please. You wanted to live in an RV, this camper fell in your lap, and now you’re a truck camper guy (or gal). #whateverfloatsyourboat

Travel Trailer

Ah, the travel trailer. It seems the most common way to live in an RV. Let’s look at what people are saying about these RVers.


airstream rv

Sure you technically live in an RV, but you’re in a league all your own.

You’re cute. You’re hip. You either had a lot of money to buy new or you had some money stashed away for a renovation. We’re all very happy for you.

Traditional Camper

You’re practical. You’re logical. You ain’t spending a ton of money.

This RV suits all your needs and nothing more. You got the one with just enough storage and space to fit you, your kids, and your pets. You want to spend as much time outside as possible, and this trailer is gonna make that happen for you, dang it.

travel trailer rv

You work at the picnic table more often than not, and your awning is your most valuable possession. (Honestly, how can people camp without their awning out?)

Like the rest of the RVing community, you’re just looking for your little slice of freedom. Respectable, really.


Does a bear shit in the woods? So do you.

living in a teardrop rv

Seriously though, you’re really into the simple life. You like to be 100% aware of your consumerism, carbon footprint, and all that other hippie junk stuff. You constantly feel like “no one gets it,” but you smile knowing they don’t have to.

You’re a DIY-er to the max. You heat water in a Sharpie-colored Coke bottle sitting in the sun and think squirt-top bottles are great for “simulating water pressure.”

Alright, that’s enough. We all think you’re a little crazy to live in an RV that small and assume your trailer smells. Sorry.

Pop-up Camper

You’re a weekend warrior. Isn’t that cute?

living in a pop up trailer rv

Oh you’re not? You full-time in that? Wow! What’s that like?

Seriously, we really want to know. You’re like the migratory butterfly that we know comes through our hometown every year but we hardly ever see it.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

5th Wheel

You want to RV, you aren’t into the whole “tiny living” thing, and you can’t afford a luxury motorhome.

BINGO! You got the 5th wheel.

living in a 5th wheel rv

You brag about your kitchen any chance you get. After all, not every RVer can say sticks n bricks folk are envious of their setup. And why shouldn’t they be jealous? You’ve got room for the BIG JAR of peanut butter in your pantry!

Take that, travel trailer!

You love that you can RV and feel like you’re in a home. I mean, no one else can do that, right? You can’t be chilling in your living room looking at your steering wheel. That’s just weird!

Oh wait. I’m wrong? You’ve just got a thousand kids and the 5th wheel was your only ticket to live in an RV? Alright. I get that. Congrats on your lovely rig. Enjoy the carpet while it lasts.

Park Model

You don’t want the investment of a house, but you don’t want to look cheap by buying a trailer. You don’t need as much space as a modular home, but you don’t want to actually live in an RV.

Voila! The park model is right for you!

Toy Hauler

You’ve come for to play. And isn’t it obvious? You live in an RV called a toy hauler.

living in a toy hauler rv

You’re super into nature, and tearin’ it up. There’s nothing like taking the quad out in Moab and gettin’ it done, yanawimsayin? Then head on down to the motocross competition to watch your boy take those ruts like a champ. I mean, how did he keep the front wheel so light on that bumpy downhill, anyway?

Or maybe you’re the motorcycle type and got the toy hauler to hold your pride and joy.

You head to campgrounds close to scenic highways. You love a good bonfire with some friends, good ole American beer, and nothing but the Classics blastin’ on the stereo in the background.


You’re tired of these money hungry RV manufacturers with their shoddy craftsmanship–if you can even call it that. In fact, you’re pretty tired of a lot of things.

live in a skoolie rv
Photo cred: Erick Brown of the Rock Club Foundation

You’re tired of the man telling you what to do. And what’s with these monopolies called utility companies? No longer will you live by everyone’s standards except your own!

That’s why you decided to live in an RV… No, a bus! Yeah, man. The bus to freedom. The bus to living, no, LIFE! It’s dependable, sturdy, and full of possibility. Just like you.

Maybe you’ll get plumbing for it, maybe you won’t. All you know is the open road is calling your name and you must go.

Did I nail it?

Or am I way off? Let me have it!

And for the record, I live in an RV, a 5th wheel to be exact. And I absolutely love my kitchen.

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35 thoughts on “What Your RV Says About You

  1. Oh Liz! I died laughing! We are looking for our perfect TOy hauler tobhaul this birdie and joy, so we can sit in the beautiful nature around a camp fire with friends and drink a cold beer! Loved this post!

  2. Liz, First thing I read this morning. Nothing like a good belly laugh to start your day. We love your sense of humor and infectious personality!

  3. Liz you’re a riot as usual lol. It’s been fabulous watching you (RVE on FB) grow and succeed. We are researching the C and are considering a used Dynamax DX3 (fishing and dogs). Here’s and cheers to you!!!

  4. So Liz how would you describe our truck conversion Powerhouse Coach? We are built like a tank, have none of the weight restrictions of the other RVs, and can go cross country on one tank of diesel (we do have a 250 gal fuel tank).

  5. You are spot on, Liz. I’m a solo young retired woman who travels and lives full-time in my RV with a boxer dog. My home, you guessed it, the practical motorhome. It is a 2005 Forest River Georgetown SE 34′ long and I tow my 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee behind. I am truly living the dream!

  6. Residential 5th wheel here. Just went full time in March. We do love our kitchen but the bath and a half come in a close second. Enjoyed the post!

  7. Vintage Class A, here. I’ll put my seven ton house (with huge metal frame, massive engine and trans, and eight – yes EIGHT tires up against your wimpy girly-man trailer in any hurricane you want to name.

  8. We just bought a ’00 Fleetwood arrow something-or-other class A motorhome. It’s pretty dated inside but it has a brand new AC unit. Practical! yep that’s us. We just started full timing with three kids under age 10. Only has two beds though so we’re getting creative. I don’t have much of an IG following though but you hit the nail on the head!

  9. Hilarious Liz as usual! We have a Tiffin gas coach, and when we tell people, they’re all like whoa fancy…aTiffin Bus! But we don’t have a bus! Ours is the entry level model, which is still quite nice but way more affordable than the diesel with the four slides. But no one listens to that, they hear Tiffin and the cha-chinging in their ears begins.

    1. Oh yeah, they do! But being in the market for a year now trying to figure out what we want, I’ve learned a standard Winnebago runs about 150k brand new so…

    1. You’re right, you’re right! I need to add the Super C. I just wasn’t sure what to say about it! I don’t know many RVers in a Super C!

  10. Have to agree the fifth wheel was pretty spot on! My kitchen is my pride and joy and the envy of my house-dwelling friends and family members! ?

  11. I guess I live in a van, but realizing that I want a class C. What does that make me then? When I got my van, I didn’t know yet that I want to live in it full time, but now I know. I would not want to manage a huge Class A for sure.

  12. Class B has more subgroupings that just the one Artsy Fartsy Misunderstood one…

    1) You’re retired and loving life, You need something that will take you and the grandkids and the two Yorkies to Yellowstone, or Six Flags maybe, but the thought of driving anything larger makes you very, very nervous.

    2) As described – Young and artsy.

    3) Let’s face it. You don’t actually live in an RV, you live in a van with a pickle bucket for potty emergencies. You’re one major breakdown away from being homeless (again). Hopefully, you’ll get a couple more people from YouTube to sponsor you on Patreon at the $5 level, so you can at least swing that Planet Fitness membership you’ve been eyeing.

  13. You forgot the good ol’ VW Bus Camper. Folks that like it waaay out in the boonies, sometimes surprising Jeep Drivers when they show up popping around the corner of the trail in 1st gear. Sleeping on a twin mattress on the z-bed and cooking on the coleman stove on top of the cooler.

      1. Hey, my coleman WAS a two burner. And my sink/toilet was the entire outdoors. Admittedly, I find myself, ahem, between dogs at the moment, but I’m getting email notices from several Irish Setter rescue websites…

        Currently in a Class C (King bed, thank you), but I’m in the process of turning my ’82 Vanagon Diesel into a short term weekender.

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