It’s time for another edition of Inside the RV. Today I am interviewing a single guy named David, otherwise known as the RV Jedeye! The RV Jedeye is best known for his incredible YouTube channel where he takes us on his weekend travels in the Southeast. I love his videos highlighting the Florida Panhandle (where I lived for a decade before I got married) and am currently  really into all his Class A renovations.

RV Jedeye was one of the first blogs I found when I was deciding whether or not to start a site of my own. His was relatively new but I could tell right away he was going to have a following. His perspective is unique as a weekend warrior and people seemed to really respond to his fun and open personality.

So without further ado,

Who is RV Jedeye?

I am a single guy, I work very hard. I grew up on the east coast and have lived all over the country. I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Seattle, California, Memphis, and New York City and Manhattan.

rv jedeye picture
The force is with this one.

Tell me what brought all this up, your RV story.

Several years ago I started watching a lot of videos about rehabbing vintage trailers and that’s kinda what peaked my interest about everything. I went to an  RV show in California and saw some great vintage travel trailers that were rehabbed.

I said, you know what? One day that’s what I want to do. So I started looking online and kept watching for a long time, never knowing when i would actually pull the trigger.

Then last year, 2016, I finally said okay let’s do this. I found an RV, Class C. That’s how I got started.

Now, can you tell us about what kind of RV you have? And why you picked that one?

My first RV was a Class C Winnebago. I absolutely loved it. It was great because it was the perfect size for just one person. There were no slides and it was easy to get used to everything. I took it out and used it hard for a good 6 months. I started my RV Jedeye website with this rig.
rv jedeye class c
How cute is this Class C, really?
The one issue I really had with it was the corner cut bed. It was a queen, so the size was okay but that corner cut just really jammed me up.
I kept in touch with my RV dealer who sold me that Class C and told him if he ever found another C or something small along those lines with some slideouts that would expand my space, let me know.
Lo and behold, around December, he found a 2005 Class A Winnebago SightSeer. My Class C had about 77,000 miles on it and the Class A about 31,000 PLUS two slideouts. I said “Bingo! Let’s pull the trigger,” and this is what I’m in today.
So in 6 months I had upgraded from the Class C to the Class A.
rv jedeye class a winnebago
That’s a nice lookin’ A, right there.

What are your long term plans?

So right now I’m in the Class A and it’s small and perfect because of the slideouts. I don’t really want to go too big. I recently heard one Youtuber say from their research, that people who stay with RVs will go through 7 rigs in their lifetime.

I’m up to two, don’t know if I will get up to 7. For me, right now, this Class A is a good size.

Even though I have a “bricks n sticks” kinda job, I am trying to figure out how to live full time in the RV and stay at the job. I’m playing around with a couple different ideas but eventually I see myself somehow, someway living in this either full time or nearly full-time.

What is the best thing about RVing?

Just being able to get away. On a Friday I can get out of work a little early and go from the hustle and bustle of work to being on the road. I usual stay at a state park and just enjoy the beauty of the state park. I get out and hike and  any time I can get my RV near the water, it’s a plus for me. It’s that freedom of escape and exploration which I love so much.

Beautiful picture this is.

What is the absolute hardest thing about being a weekend warrior?

I guess the hardest thing is just that, you only get to do it on the weekends. For me, that means I have to pack everything I want in the RV on a Thursday night. Friday morning, I get up really early in the morning because I store my RV at a facility. Then I drop everything off, take the RV to work, park it, get through the day, and then hop in to go RV for the weekend. I come back on a Sunday, load everything back into the car, park the RV in storage, and then take everything back home and dump it back out.

It’s the constant in and out. Yeah, there are some things I keep in the RV full-time, but there are still some things that have to come each trip. That’s the hardest thing about it.

Also the wanderlust! I sit here and think about where I want to go and how much time I would love to be on the road but I just can’t get there on a regular basis because of work. One day, hopefully, I’ll be full time and driving all over the world.

Who knows, maybe y’all will see me!

What have you gained from RVing so far? What are you hoping to learn/gain?

First of all, my education is not done yet. I am constantly learning things over and over. I guess how to manage your life in an RV, how to do things. Right now I’m in the middle of rehabbing the RV. I’ve watched a lot of videos have done a lot to the RV so far. I’m learning a lot from each project.

rv jedeye paints his cabinets
We should have been as organized as him when painting our cabinets!

In terms of what I hope to gain? I hope to learn about the electric systems here in my RV, especially when it comes to solar. I want to put some solar in.

Ya know, I just want to learn more about RVing. Booncdocking is one thing I haven’t done any of so far and I want to try that. I want to learn different places I can go to, especially if there is water there!

rv jedeye on the beach with toes in the sand
RV Jedeye is not kidding when he says he loves the water.

Any advice for wannabes?

For folks out there that are dreaming, get out there and search online and find people like Liz, Duet Justus, Driving and Vibin, Freedom Theory, and me the RV Jedeye..there are so many out there. You can find so much info that will help you as you choose what kind of rig you want, what you want to do, what kind of rver you want to be.

rv jedeye with duet justus
Woah! My YouTube heroes! RV Jedeye with Duet Justus.

Use the internet. It is your best friend. Find as much information as possible. You will find people that will answer your questions and make it a whole lot easier for you when you finally get out there and RV.

My final piece of advice is get out there and do it! I thought about this lifestyle for a long time. Originally, I wanted a travel trailer. I researched and then pulled the trigger. Whatever you are thinking about, just do it. You can figure out all the rest afterwards.

Find something within your budget, something you’re going to enjoy. If it’s something you want to rehab and do some work on, do that! If you want something that is move in ready, find it! The second you pull the trigger and actually get out there, you’re going to enjoy it. Your life changes forever.

As I always say at the end of my videos, GET OUT THERE AND RV, you’ll like it! I really mean that.

Wow! What a great interview!

If you’d like to see more of the RV Jedeye, you can check him out at any of the links!


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6 thoughts on “Inside the RV: Meet the RV Jedeye!

  1. Great interview! David wasn’t on my radar screen, but he is now. Hope he figures out how to full-time soon.

    As much of a pain as it must be to live with renovation, it’s gotta be really frustrating to have to spend your few hours off every week trekking to a storage facility to work on your RV.

    At least ours is easier to access for quick, after-work jobs. It’s in the driveway. Not supposed to be, but it is 🙂 #convenient

    1. Yes, I agree Teresa. It is hard to spend every spare moment on a project.
      So excited you got your RV!

  2. Been following RVJedeye for awhile now and probably just like David, Duet Justus videos is what convinced us we could do a major reno.. here’s hoping. Thanks for reaching out to him, this was a great read.

    1. We have done the major reno… I like the way it looks but honestly not sure if we would do it again. It was a ton of work and I hardly did any of it. My poor husband. I need to get to writing more about our reno!

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