This means I’ve also been doing a lot of research bystudying other RV YouTubers to see what is working and what isn’t. And I noticed something. RVers love YouTube. We share our journeys and watch others for tips and tricks. And because we are all on there, it makes it hard to weed out all the channels. But there’s so much more out there than Nomadic Fanatic and RV Love!

This article aims to show you the “Not Top” channels that you need to be watching. No, that doesn’t mean they suck. It just means they haven’t been promoted or seen enough…yet!

Chickery’s Travels

Describing themselves as perpetual nomads, Julie and Sean Chickery share a lot on their YouTube channel. From travel destinations to financing the lifestyle, you are likely to find something interesting and educational from this pair.

I love this channel because it’s different. It isn’t one of the countless family channels simply chronicling their adventures nor is it some young couple showing off how amazing it is to be traveling and earning money through ad revenue and bikini shots.

They are truly just your average American couple in their 40s.

The Chickery’s are retired vets who continue to work full-time. They’re down to earth and genuinely share their ideas on how to make the lifestyle work. They like full-hookups and don’t pretend to be interested in boondocking like so many other RV channels out there. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

I love that Julie isn’t afraid to share the good parts of RVing along with the bad. And you’ve got to have some respect for Sean and that beard. I mean, come on! The man waited decades to be able to grow that thing out!

Here is a short synopsis of their nomad story and how they got into the RV…3 years ago!

Be sure to check them out here and hit the subscribe button. 

Faith Takes Flight

Why settle for normal?

That’s the question Heather and her husband Trent pose the second you land on their YouTube channel. And as a fellow full-timer, I’m immediately hooked.

This family of 6 is anything but normal. Originally from Idaho, they’ve been traveling the good ole US of A for over a year now. They’re big on history and literature, and even have a video of their 6 year old reciting Paul Revere’s ride. (Um, that’s pretty neat, my friends.)

But what is it exactly about their videos that keeps me watching?

I love their video introductions and time lapses. They do a great job with them, keeping the video interesting and fun throughout its entirety. You will also find they do a great job explaining the places they visit and give great tips on how to make your visit less complicated and better.

Watch for yourself here.

The Art of RV Harmony

Warning: This channel does not have a ton of videos.

But I believe in its potential for full-timers.

Britt Densford is on a mission to help full-time RVers discover the best in themselves and their partners. Her blog and this channel work together to help couples overcome the special challenges that come about from being nomadic in a tiny space. She shows us personal accounts of disagreements and mediation with her husband in effort to help others.

Sure, I’ve written a few blog posts about getting along in the RV, but this woman’s whole channel is dedicated to teaching you “RV harmony.” Despite the growing trend of RVing among young couples, there is nothing out there for us to learn from for our specific lifestyle.

I know I can’t be the only one that rides an emotional roller coaster with my spouse inside our motorhome! That is why I’m recommending you check out and subscribe to this channel.


The Virtual Campground

Hey! That’s me…plugging my channel shamelessly. (Yeah, so what?!)

In 2018, I am going to be growing my YouTube channel. Right now, I am close to 100 subscribers and only have 3 videos.

After Full-Time Freedom Week, I realized more than ever I absolutely love being on camera with other people chatting about RV life. My goal for my YouTube is to be a hub for RVers. In the new year, I will interview other RVers on their travels, things they’ve learned, etc.  I also will share glimpses into my own life and my family’s travels in a humorous way. It is going to be unlike any other YouTube channel out there…in the best way.

Here is a video I did on Facebook that will be the style I use for my channel. (And yes, I want to continue doing giveaways on YouTube!)

You can think of it like a talk show designed for full-time RVers. Be sure to subscribe here!

If you are interested in being a guest on my show, or have an idea, please comment below or email me at I am setting up time slots now!!

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