I am a full-time RVer. That means I literally spend my life in and out of campgrounds. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Port Huron KOA is an incredible campground for family camping in style.

We stayed for a week in a crazy-cool Gazebo Site and it was just the vacation we needed! Here’s everything you need to know about the campground if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the Port Huron area.


A very short drive from the St Clair River, the Port Huron KOA Camping Resort offers camping and amenities galore in a cozy and clean setting.  Whether you want to be close to the pool, the walking trail, or somewhere secluded in the back, this place has a spot just for you.

The Port Huron KOA Resort is located in the southeast region of Michigan, just about an hour north of Detroit. While technically in Kimball, MI, the closest town to explore is Port Huron, while beautiful St Clair and Marine City are within a 30 minute drive.

I traveled with my family to this campground for a week-long stay while visiting my family in nearby Marysville.

And we are in love!

Campground Details: Big and beautiful

The Port Huron KOA Camping Resort is quite frankly, a giant park.  They offer almost 300 RV and tent sites, as well as over 100 assorted cabins and lodges.

With all the different types of camping available, prices really vary. Expect to pay around $35 for a primitive site up to $60 a night for a basic site with full hookups. If you’re feeling fancy, there are some really high-end Gazebo Sites and lodges for about $100-$120 a night.

So much room for activities!

This is how we spent our time at the Port Huron KOA and boy, was it nice! I loved being able to grill outside comfortably with lots of counter space. It was also really nice because I got to invite the neighbors for dinner and had more than enough space to entertain. The best part of the Gazebo Site was when it rained, there was no mud! The site is paved!

port huron koa gazebo site
There is room for the whole family at these new Gazebo Sites!

The camp also offers back-in sites and pull-thrus throughout the campground.

The online reservation system made it super easy to book my site. The website also has a very accurate map of the park that made it easy to decide where inside the campground I wanted to stay.

Amenities and Activities: Holy cow!

I knew KOAs were well known for their amenities but wow! The Port Huron KOA really blew me away!

This park really has thought of everything for a stay that is jam-packed with fun for the whole family. Even after our 7th night, my toddler still didn’t explore all the park has to offer.

Onsite, you’ll find the traditional family-friendly campground activities like gaga ball, playgrounds, 3 pools, and even the jumping pillow. I especially enjoyed the walking trail in the morning for my morning run while my husband enjoyed the golf cart rental.

jumping pillow port huron koa
Okay, so maybe my favorite thing wasn’t the walking trail.

To add to the fun, they offer a full Sports Court with tennis, hockey, and basketball available. Equipment is available to use free of charge.

An array of activities are offered 7 days a week. In the morning kids can enjoy coloring under the pavilion, and at night you can even find a live DJ playing music there. My daughter especially loved trying her hand at bat practice with water balloons!

Swing batter batter!

The campground also has 3 general stores on site. Whether you’re looking for a fountain soda, a pair of floaties so the kids can enjoy the pool, or a spare part for your rig, the Port Huron KOA has you covered.

(Seriously, I even saw a Dometic mini-fridge available for sale.)

Regional Highlights: Enjoy the Fresh Coast

Enjoy a Michigan staple! You won’t regret it.

There are lots of things to do inside the Port Huron KOA, but if you’re looking to explore this area of Michigan has a lot to offer!

A must-see is the head of the St. Clair River. This is in Port Huron, directly underneath the Blue Water Bridge where the river opens up to Lake Huron. As one of the heaviest traveled rivers in the world, bring your camp chair and sit for a show! You’ll see freighters, tug boats, and sailboats alike! It really is a spectacular way to spend the day.

And there’s an amazing restaurant across the street called Freighters. Try the turkey burger with a Rock N Rye. Both sourced locally!

Head down the trail to the trail to see the Huron, a lightship with a deep history. End with a trip to the Edison Depot Museum and learn about a young Thomas Edison.

This is all within short walking distance and a great way to spend the day with friends or family!

Final thoughts on the Port Huron KOA

As a full-time RVer, we don’t always camp at KOAs or places similar. We stay in state parks, Thousand Trails, and locally owned campgrounds.

In other words, we’ve seen all kinds of campgrounds and the Port Huron KOA is top notch! It was so great to vacation camp there and enjoy the activities, amenities, and above all the atmosphere! We loved the staff and the neighbors we met.

I saw lots of smiling faces over our 7-night stay, and most were in the mirror. I would recommend this campground to anyone traveling to the Port Huron area to camp as a must-stop! It’s got everything you’ve thought of and more!

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9 thoughts on “The Port Huron KOA: A Must-Stay Campground

  1. HI Liz,
    Just to be clear the part of the St.Clair river you see under the Blue Water Bridge is the head of the river not the mouth. The mouth is a ways further south where it empties into Lake St. Clair. By the by Lake St. Clair is one of the best fishing lakes in the world. It has, small mouth bass, pike, muskie and all of the normal pan fish.

    Becky, finding a “central place” to see all of Michigan from is kind of difficult. In the lower peninsula I would stop in Detroit and see the Detroit Institute of Arts if you like art museums but definitely don’t miss Greenfield Village. There is campground run by the county of Wayne just west of Detroit at the Wayne County Fair Grounds. Here’s the web address: http://www.waynecountyfairgrounds.net/. The park is not fancy but it’s probably the closest you’ll get to Detroit and at $39 per night not too bad for being in a major metro area. There are also a couple of spots south of Detroit around Monroe Michigan, which for some reason insists on advertising itself as the home town of General George Armstrong Custer. From there you can go across the state, about 250 miles to the Lake Michigan shore or stay on the “sunrise side” and go up the east coast. The choice is yours. However you choose to see the lower peninsula, don’t miss the upper peninsula, it’s also part of Michigan and is pretty sparsely populated. There are also a great many state and national parks and forests in Michigan. Last I knew the State Forests were pretty cheap but didn’t have any hookups at all, just a pitcher pump for water. Anyway Michigan is a beautiful state and frankly I think vastly underrated as we have the second most miles of coastline in the United States after Alaska – take that California and Florida! Oh yea one more thing, there’s nothing in the great lakes that can eat you! If you want more info Liz can give you my email address if she would be so kind.

    1. Hey Dave.

      First, do you know how many time I looked to see if it was “mouth” or “head” ??? I could not figure it out. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit with me. I’ll get it corrected right now.

      Thanks for giving Becky all those tips! Next time, you can reply directly to her comment so she has a better chance of seeing it. For now, I’ll give her this info for you!

      haha about “nothing in the lakes that can eat you.” SO TRUE! Although one time I took my ex boyfriend to visit and he got his nipple bitten by some fish. He was from Florida and shouted “I thought you said nothing would try to eat me.” haha! It was pretty funny.

  2. Thank you Liz! Enjoyed the review and will tuck this campground away for future reference. The fully paved, gazebo site is sweet! And it is so nice that the spaces are above average in size. There are too many campgrounds where you are almost on top of your neighbors. The park we are at here in Old Town. Florida is much more rustic but our well shaded lot is 115 feet long by 80 feet wide which is a rarity. I am afraid we are forever spoiled! 🙂 Happy Trails!

  3. Thanks, Liz, for all this information. I do plan on eventually spending at least a month in Michigan. It will probably be next summer before I get that far. We are going to try to find a central location so we can see the whole state! Safe Travels, and enjoy your time in DC!

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