Rving is becoming very popular among young people, and even young families. For a lot of people, it is seen as a great opportunity to get away from the grind of modern life, live authentically, and to spend time on what actually matters. But for those that are just thinking about RVing, what does it really look like? And those with kids? What does RVing with kids actually look like? Here’s a picture tour of our slice of RVing with a kid.


Where She Sleeps

No, our kid doesn’t have a bedroom. Yes, she sleeps through the night and naps in the day.

View of Chelseas room
Lots of room to sleep and play!


As you can see, Chelsea sleeps in a pack and play. When moving in, we had a crib for her but opted to sell it and use this instead. We wanted something we could easily move around, put away in the day time for more space, and something that didn’t add a ton of weight the 5th wheel. In hindsight, we can now see we have moved into a beast of an RV and have plenty of room for the crib. Even so, we love the pack and play. Its light green color actually matches the decor quite nicely. It also leaves plenty of room for her indoor toys on the other side.

We also love that her bed is right by the window. Liz, what do you mean? Don’t cars drive by all the time and wake her up? No, not really. I thought they would, but we picked a spot in the park where cars don’t drive by as often and when they do, they bother the dog more than the kid. Anyway, I love it for the same reasons Chelsea loves the window. At night, she falls asleep with the moon and stars. I can hear her giggling as she tells them good night and it warms my heart. In the mornings, she wakes up to the sunshine, the birds chirping, and the people going for their morning walks. I honestly cannot think of a more incredible way for my child to start her day.  And I love that her chit chat with the world around her is how I start my day also.

Chelsea does not have a lot of indoor toys. Most of them fit very neatly in the small storage bin you see to the right of her bed. She also has a 24-piece set of blocks, which is what she plays with the most when we are inside aside from books. I hope you agree that sleep-wise, RVing with kids can be nothing short of amazing.

Where She Reads and Plays

In the picture below, you can see where Chelsea’s “room” is in relation to our living area. Haley is always sleeping next to Chelsea’s bed and we spend a lot of time on the couch reading books. At night, Ed and I can sit on the couch together while Chelsea grabs the books she wants to read. She can also put them away with ease and loves to do so. This is incredible in a small space! Looking at either side of the couch, you can see the bookshelves. These are built-in and we absolutely love this feature. Can you believe the bookshelf tops opens up? I mean, a place for her books that is accessible but also completely out of the way? Does life get any better? I say it doesn’t.

Ed and Chelsea reading
Couch time!

Chelsea also has a ton of room to play in this open area. She is free to climb all over the couch, move from slide to slide, and she loves running around the kitchen island like it’s her own personal track. No joke, she will run around that thing until she falls over and needs a nap.

full view of living area in RV
Let the good times roll

Just Outside Our Front Door

By far, the most fun we have is outside. Chelsea has a handful of larger toys that we keep outside in our “basement” and bring out during the day. She has a shopping cart she loves to push around on the (usually) empty lot next to ours and to tote around Barbie. She also loves her toy house and her ABC train station, which reminds me, does anyone have any batteries for that thing? She is getting pretty ticked that it isn’t working. Chelsea also has a tricycle that she is currently too small for, but I hook up the dog’s leash to it and pull her around the park.

The best place to play is outside!
 Having a blast outside on the concrete pad
Outdoor shower fun
No-tears bathing session
Using her outdoor voice
Learning about her outside voice
Again, any one have batteries for this thing?











So as you can see, RVing with kids is not too different than having kids in a traditional home. It is all about keeping it simple, letting them have fun and grow in a safe environment, and giving them a warm place to sleep at night. We love RVing with Chelsea and it seems that Chelsea loves it too.

Do you have any questions that weren’t addressed in the tour? Comment below.



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10 thoughts on “RVing With Kids: Pictures of What It Looks Like

  1. Do you live in your RV full time? We are thinking about getting a tiny house. …and my two year old still sleeps in his pack-n-play. He will be three soon. He loves it!!

  2. Hey Liz,

    I have never thought of this topic at all. But you gained my intrest immediately. I thinks this is a awesome post. Chelsea looms like she is have a BLAST ! Im glad I read it

    1. Ha! True! One of her favorite things to do is run. When we go for walks she will scream “run run” and she will run until I stop her. Watch out Usain Bolt! Chelsea Wilcox is coming for ya!

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