So in case you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of the all new Winnebago Revel. This sweet RV was released into the world just a few days ago. Already, it’s taking the RV industry by storm.

This Class B is the first 4×4 van that is going to be available straight off the dealership floor for purchase. No more ordering from the factory and waiting eons for your “sick van” to come in! Winnebago is boasting the Revel will be ready and waiting for you at your local dealership.

The Winnebago Revel is an actual sweet van, y’all.

Not to brag, but I’m friends with all those cool kids over at WinnebagoLife. This means I was informed for weeks across all social media platforms (and even in my inbox, these guys are relentless) that Winnebago was getting ready to launch 3 new RVs.

But I never could have expected the Winnebago Revel.

Russ Garfin and his team of Super Millennials have ushered in a whole new era of #vanlife. And they know it. (Seriously, they’ve got their own hashtag for it. You buy a Winnebago Revel and I’m pretty sure you’re under contract to use #WinnVanLife)

So why am I obsessed with the Revel

There are a few key factors that literally made me go “whaaa?!” when watching the Facebook launch. Let’s start with the outside of the van.

It comes with a solar power system.

A quick peak into the #vanlife movement will show you 2 things.

  1. Your life isn’t that exciting.
  2. The people enjoying this lifestyle usually don’t want to camp at a full hook up site.

That’s what makes the standard solar system so genius on the Winnebago Revel. It’s one less thing the consumer has to think about with his/her purchase. When looking at the Revel, they can be like “Wow! Not only can I turn on my 4×4 and climb the Rockies, I’ll have power to charge my camera after all the sweet content I just created for my YouTube channel. Thanks Winnebago!”

solar panels come standard on winnebago revel
Oh yeah. That’s standard, baby.

The ladder isn’t fixed to the back of the van.

Which means you can literally pick it up and move it around the vehicle depending on your needs.

winnebago revel removable ladder
Woah! That dude just pulled the ladder off his van!

Now this just makes sense. Especially on a van with a roof rack. You can just move your ladder to where you need access to your gear, and BOOM! You’re exactly where you need to be without the sketchy walk-on-top-of-my-van experience.

russ garfin winnebago revel removable ladder
It’s just that easy folks.

The Winnebago Revel has flared sides in the rear for maximum sleeping space.

Okay, so this is sort of an inside/outside feature. Nonetheless, it’s jawdroppingly genius!

winnebago revel has a flared design for sleeping capacity
Ooo, custom flare.

The frame has “bump out pods” on either side of the back. Not just a sweet flare design, this feature serves an incredible purpose. Inside, the bed fits into these pods. This gives the bed a full 6’3″ of length!

Seriously. My jaw dropped when I saw this feature.

winnebago revel floor plan
“Paint” arrows to show you exactly what I’m talking about. You’re welcome.

There is no black tank!

What is absolutely unique and astoundingly perfect is the way the Winnebago Revel handles the black tank issue.

With the boondocking millennial in mind, Winnebago has put in a cassette toilet.

cassette toilet winnebago revel
Quite literally, the cutest little poop storage you’ll ever see.

This means underneath the bathroom, there is a very small (5 gallons) holding tank for your, er, dirty work. From the outside of the vehicle, there is a trap door where you access the cassette. Easily removed and carried, you can quickly dump (haha) its contents in a variety of places.

And there is even an indicator inside (directly by the toilet) to tell you when your cassette is full.

Because of its small size, Winnebago suggests you can simply dump in any normal toilet or portapotty.

You know, like when you hit up the information center at the state park. Just grab your little toilet tank and head to the bathroom to empty.

Holy crap, you guys. The Winnebago Revel is going to put me out of business.  And I think it’s brilliant.

The Winnebago Revel has an outdoor table.

So this feature is amazing! And simple!

During the Facebook launch, Kyle Kesterson talked about his experience with taking the Revel on a trip. He said he loved having this table for the extra space during cooking. Russ Garfin also pointed out that the bottom of the leg is adjustable. This allows for the table to become even on uneven ground.

Are you kidding me Winnebago? You really have thought of everything, now haven’t you?

winnebago revel table for outside
Who knew a table could be so groundbreaking?

Now if I was a Revel owner, I would love the table because I love to be outside. I would use it for cooking and for work purposes. I would sit outside and enjoy my mountain top views while automating my social media and catching up on client email.

But that’s just me. You do what you want with your Revel.

It’s really designed to go off-road and off-grid.

Built on the Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter chassis, the Winnebago Revel is meant to be taken anywhere.

Combine the 3-liter turbo-diesel, an on demand 4WD system, and a high/low range and hill descent mode, you’re ready for just about anything the North American continent is gonna throw at you.

And the power to get you there isn’t all that Winnebago thought about.

Straight from the Winnebago site:

“Welded aluminum cabinet face frames, dual-pane acrylic windows with insulated shades, snap-in screens, and a standard solar power system all contribute to the 44E’s off-grid livability.”

Putting all of these features together, Russ Garfin has created one RV that will prove to be irresistible to his target market.

Now let’s look at the inside of the vehicle, shall we?

The Winnebago Revel has an all-in-one bathroom and gear closet.

Check it out, ladies and gentleman.

winnebago revel bathroom and gear closet
The sleekest van bathroom I’ve ever seen in my life.

How perfect is this thing, seriously?!

The bathroom turns into a FREAKING closet! And the shelves are waterproof bamboo! With slots so you can put your WET crap in to let dry in your WET bath! And a fan in the ceiling to help that process! That even works in the rain!


And if you’re into using it as a real bathroom, the shelves remove way too easily. The toilet seat swivels so you can close the door if necessary, too. There is also a bamboo piece on the floor so you can shower with a little more comfortability.

Okay, Russ…Kyle. Now you guys are just boasting.

russ garfin winnebago revel
Just two guys obsessed with #vanlife, I suppose.

Moving on. (Do I talk too much about bathrooms and black tanks?)

Oh wait, I forgot to mention the little medicine cabinet in there. No. I’m not joking. Try to find it.

The bed comes down from the ceiling.

Something I’ve always thought would be super annoying about #vanlife is the bed situation. It always seems like one of two things is happening in the Class B:

  1. You’re sleeping on something so narrow and thin even a 90s heroin chic supermodel would be uncomfortable.
  2. You’re playing Tetris with all your crap to make a bed wide enough for your mountain-biking thighs to fit on.

Have no fear, all you vanlifers! Russ Garfin and his Winnebago Revel are here to save the day.

As mentioned before, the Revel has a flared design to make the bed 6’3″ in length. But what is more impressive, is (wait for it…)

IT COMES DOWN FROM THE CEILING, PEOPLE! (Read: now you have a ton of space to put more of your gear or to use as a workspace when parked or whatever awesome stuff you’re doing in this awesome van.)

Look at all that room for activities!

That’s right. It’s like the beds above the cab of newer model Class As, only way cooler.

Located in the rear of the van, the bed comes down with a touch of a button. And it does so rather quickly.

And I’m rather impressed.

winnebago revel bed comes down from the ceiling
Styling and functional. Me likey.

It has a mount for a tablet.

winnebago revel mount for tablet in kitchen
A place to watch Netflix without the annoying TV.

Not much to say about this except that it’s super smart.

While most van owners aren’t watching a ton of TV (because they’re outside being awesome instead), there are rainy days. The mount is fully adjustable, making it ideal to watch from just about any angle.

The Winnebago Revel is too cool for propane.

Yep, you heard that right.

The Revel has an induction stove top, meaning no gas. Somehow, Winnebago has managed to eliminate this once-absolute necessity from camping altogether.

And what’s more, the stove top stays cool (even when on) until you place your pan on it to start cooking. And it uses a magnetic field to keep your pan in place.

Please tell me your jaw is on the floor right now.

winnebago revel eliminates the need for propane gas
Russ, your hands are in the way. We’re trying to admire the stove top, okay?

The Winnebago Revel is just obscenely durable.

As a full-time RVer myself, I know RVs really weren’t meant to be lived in full-time. Cabinets break. Walls are scraped. Your brand new RV can end up looking used and abused very quickly.

Not the Revel. This thing was made for the muddy, clumsy outdoorsman.

The cabinets are laminate inside and out. The edges are a vinyl, made to absorb impact. The walls are also laminate throughout the whole van.

Just imagine! Being able to bring your ridiculously huge surfboard into your van with no thought to banging up the interior. Or hoisting in your mountain bike fresh off the muddy trails, not giving a rat’s xyz about the mess.

What once was a stupid idea now can be done with little worry or care thanks to the Winnebago Revel.

winnebago revel is very durable
Wow! The cupboard doors are even green on the inside. What will they come up with next?

Hands down, the Winnebago Revel is one sweet van.

While I have a family and my husband is a giant, the Winnebago Revel has sold me on the #vanlife movement.

For real though, I’m ready to find the dealership nearest me. I’m totally cool with this being my toad. (And maybe after reading this article, my husband will be, too.)

I just can’t get over how much time and effort was put into making this Class B. Russ Garfin and his team have really outdone themselves with this model. And I should know. I’ve made a business out of touring RVs and interviewing their owners. 

the winnebago revel in the mountains
Photo: Heath and Alyssa Padgett

From headlight to taillight, the Winnebago Revel is an all-inclusive pass to adventure.

What is your favorite feature of the Winnebago Revel?

Comment below!


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