Last night I noticed some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is rather strange.

“Babe, where’s my wallet?”

“Check in the bedroom. You know, on the sink.”

Ooh la la, bedroom sink!

I am guessing most of you do not have a sink in your bedroom. Maybe in the bathroom connected your bedroom, but not in the bedroom. Well I do. Crazy, huh? Here’s a list of some other funny things RVers say.

  • Oh my gosh! Do you have to step down the stairs like that? You’re shaking the whole house.
  • Where’s my shower bag?
  • Babe, I gotta run up to the bathroom. You do not want this in here.
  • Let me just walk up to the laundromat real quick.
  • I don’t know where your iPod is. Lift up the bed and check under there.
  • Hey, we got neighbors on both sides tonight!
  • Holy crap! I can remove these drawers and this is where a washer and dryer goes!
  • I keep my all my kid’s big toys outside in the basement.
    This. This is our outdoor basement.


  • The manual says the fuse box is above the bed in the cabinet, but I can’t find it. Let me check in the closet.
  • I gotta slide in the kitchen real quick, just to check on something.
  • Would you please just throw your clothes in the shower where they belong?
  • Did you see tat train in the park? Yeah, the guy is towing his RV and a trailer for his jet skis. #lifegoals
  • Ooooh, I love that van. Let’s go ask how much it cost.
  • Did the fridge click? I didn’t hear the click.
  • I’m gonna shower up at the laundry room. I don’t want to waste the propane.
  • Don’t forget to empty the tanks, please.
  • Chelsea! Stop playing with the light switch. You’re gonna pop the fuse.

But the craziest thing RVers say of all?

  • Our place is too big. Next time, we’ll go smaller
liz thinks about going to a smaller rv
Do I really NEED 380 square feet?

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17 thoughts on “Things RVers Say

  1. Ha ha. These are pretty good!! What about “Who is washing their hands?! I’m trying to shower!!” Or “Hey kids, did you see what just pulled in? We’ve got a fancy neighbor tonight!!” Geez, I could go on and on. 🙂

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  3. Funny stuff!

    Here are more : Fridge is not cool – can you check the propane?

    Our house is leaning – eh, we’ll fix it on the next stop.

    It looks like a nice day – I’ll go wash the roof.


    1. Love that last one! How do you guys wash the roof? Ours is in need of a serious bath, well the whole thing is, tbh.

  4. “Company’s coming for dinner… Can you do the table up to a bed so we all have a place to sit? But get the canned tomatoes out first please!”

    1. haha I knew you’d be able to relate! Also, I cannot wait to get something smaller so we can start trekking across this great big country of ours!

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