Ah! The very first episode of TVC Live! #humblebeginnings

On this episode, I sit down with Ashley Mann of RV Inspiration to discuss all things downsizing in order to hit the road in your rig.

FYI: This starts at about the 12 minute mark.

We also play a fun game called “Toss or Boss” where we look at real subscribers “stuff” and make a judgement call on whether or not they should “toss” the item, or keep it because it’s totally “boss.”

This is a must see and starts at about the 57:45 minute mark.

Last, this episode features a segment called “The Virtual Spotlight” where we feature real subscribers of The Virtual Campground. This is where they tell their story and share their most memorable moments. The good and the bad.

Heidi Bodette of Loving the RV Life starts off our very first Virtual Spotlight at the 1:11 minute mark.

What Ashley and I talk about in this episode:

  • Ashley’s RV story and how it’s different than most
  • The 4 main obstacles to downsizing and how to get past them
  • How Ashley runs RV Inspiration to help encourage people to make their RV feel like home
  • Ashley’s downsizing course and exclusive TVC discount

What Heidi and I talk about in this episode:

  • Heidi’s RV story and retiring from Apple
  • Boondocking tips in Arizona
  • Horror stories from the road
  • How The Virtual Campground helped her get on the road

Links mentioned in this episode:

And there you have it, TVC Live’s very first episode. It was long, I know. But so much fun, right?

Pop in the comments what you loved!

You've gotta check this out! This full-time RVing family has created a hilarious talk show full of hijinks and truly interesting and valuable tips for RV travel, living, and life on the road with kids and pets. Click to watch and listen to Episode One: Downsizing. | www.TheVirtualCampground.com

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