On this episode, I sit down with Pete and Jordan Jones of Pete+Jordan to discuss all things winter RVing.

FYI: This starts at about the 6 minute mark.

We also play a fun Would You Rather game where Jordan and I square off to guess Pete’s answers. Seriously, you NEED to watch this. It’s fricken hysterical.

This starts at about the 24 minute mark.

Last, we end the show with our weekly “The Virtual Spotlight” where I feature real subscribers of The Virtual Campground. This is where they tell how they got into RVing and share expectations vs. reality.

Cool, right?

This episode features Lauren and Aaron, otherwise known as the Wanderpreneurs. They share their fun RV story and how their family of 4 has adjusted to life in the rig.

Check it out at the 39 minute mark.

What Pete + Jordan and I talk about in this episode:

  • How Pete+Jordan got into winter RVing in the first place
  • What kind of person can succeed at winter RVing
  • Their top tips and gear recommendations for RVing in the winter time
  • How Pete+Jordan rely on community and Instagram to help with their winter woes

What Lauren and Aaron talk about in this episode:

  • Their RV story and how they got on the road quickly!
  • How their family has flourished since hitting the road

Links mentioned in this episode:

And there you have it, episode 3 is a wrap. Be sure to listen to all the winter RVing disasters Pete and Jordan share!

Pop in the comments what you loved!

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