On this episode, I sit down with Anthony Nalli of the hit show The Aviators to discuss his new docu-series, The RVers which will air late 2019 on PBS.

FYI: This starts at about the 2 minute mark.

We also play a fun RV Park or Old Folks Home game where Anthony guesses whether a name called out is well, an RV park or an Old Folks Home. It’s pretty fun and a great game to play along with.

This starts at about the 46 minute mark.

Last, we end the show with our weekly “The Virtual Spotlight” where I feature real subscribers of The Virtual Campground. This is where they tell how they got into RVing and share expectations vs. reality.

This episode features Gretty Emmerich, the self-proclaimed Unlikely RVer. She shares her fun RV story and how she went from tent camping to diesel pusher in a really short period of time!

Check that out at the 55 minute mark.

What Anthony Nalli and I talk about in this episode:

  • His RV story and what it’s like winter RVing in Canada right now
  • How he decided to take the success of the most popular aviation series and put that formula to good use in the RVing world
  • How Anthony got into producing TV shows, became a full-time RVer, and got the best in the RV world to come on the show with him to share their best tips, tricks, and help for those wanting to try RVing

What Gretty talks about in this episode:

  • Her RV story and how why she calls herself an unlikely RVer
  • Check it out at the 55 minute mark.

Links mentioned in this episode:

And there you have it, episode 4! This one was so fun, as Anthony and I get to know each other and discuss just what we love so much about RVing!

Pop in the comments what you loved!

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