On this episode, I sit down with Howard and Linda Payne of RV-Dreams to discuss their 14 years of RVing and their tops tips and stories over the years.

FYI: This starts at about the 3 minute mark.

We also play a fun Q&A Lightning round game where Howard and Linda answer as many questions about RVing as possible in just a few minutes.

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE for anyone trying to get into RVing. Remember, these two have been RVing for 14 years and have experienced it all. You need these answers!

This starts at about the 50 minute mark.

Last, we end the show with our weekly “The Virtual Spotlight” where I feature real subscribers of The Virtual Campground. This is where they tell how they got into RVing and share expectations vs. reality.

This episode features the most unique story of the show so far! Gaye Lyn shares not how she got into full-timing, but how searching to learn more about her father and his aviation company got her into the lifestyle.

This is a great story that you don’t want to miss!

Check that out at the 1 hour mark.

What Howard + Linda and I talk about in this episode:

  • How they got into RVing “before it was cool” and how it’s evolved as the industry started booming
  • What is was like going from being a corporate attorney to hanging out in Alabama with a limited budget
  • Their top maintenance tips and some tricks on getting the best service when your rig breaks down
  • What “RV Dream” really means to them and how RVing has changed their whole lives

What Gaye Lyn talks about in this episode:

  • How RVing became a way for her to learn more about her father
  • How she learned to drive the rig
  • Her future plans to dive deeper into Veterans Air Line

Links mentioned in this episode:

And there you have it, episode 5! Thanks you to all that are watching this new TVC project. It is getting better and better! And this one was a fricken riot with Howard and Linda coming in last minute and answering a million questions from Virtual Campers!

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