Stuffing your crap into every nook and cranny of your RV is a bad idea. Here are 15 RV organization ideas that are leaps and bounds better than that.

You know, because space is always at a premium. But you also don’t want to play tetris every time you need a jacket.

(Thanks InvertPro for helping this clueless RVer make better use of her rig. #friendsdontletfriendsstaydisorganized)

1. Utilize the back of the door, duh. 

If you’re not using the back of the door in your rig, I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s the perfect place to put up a mesh or some sort of hook to hang things.

Personally, I have a hook where I hang my running pack and other workout gear. It allows it to be in an easy-to-access place but also out of the way. Or taking up valuable real estate in my closet.

Of course, if the idea of running makes you want to die there are plenty of other things you can hang up. You know, like the towel you use after a shower.

2. Storage bins are the key to RV

Picture of RV organization idea of putting shelves in a large cabinet to make a closet for kid clothes
My daughter’s closet. Once a scary huge wasteland. Now an RV organization dream.

Sure, RVs have dedicated shelves to keep your possessions.

However, they’re usually huge and hard to keep the RV organized.

The best way to combat these large spaces is to install storage bins. This makes it easier to accommodate more stuff while keeping it all in place.

You can use different containers for various type of stuff like clothes, shoes, accessories. Big storage bins are great for things like books. While smaller ones are great for creating a kid’s closet that doesn’t exist yet.

At the same time, using storage bins helps you really use every nook and cranny in your rig.

3. Look up! There’s vertical space!

This one really isn’t obvious unless you’re plugged into the RV Renovations scene.

Then you’ll learn the real key to RV organization is to look up! Here are a few fixtures I suggest you put in your rig to create more space:

  • hanging fruit baskets
  • shelves in the tops of kitchen cabinets
  • tension rods to create new places to hang things
looking up at vertical shelves in rv cabinet
Think vertically by adding shelves in your cabinets.

4. Small hammocks.  ‘Nuff said

They’re cute. They’re functional. Use them.

Adding to the “use vertical space” RV organization tip, using a small hammock is a great RV hack to create a ton of space easily.

5. Collapsible trash cans

This tip is great for RVing families, especially. Trash can pile up in the RV quickly, and unless you’ve got a wicked expensive and luxurious 5th wheel bunk house…

You probably don’t have room for anything more than a simple and small trash can.

With a collapsible trash can, you can set it up temporarily in or out of the RV during times when you need a bigger receptacle. Think: dinner.

Then when you’re done with it, you can just empty, collapse, and put away.

RV magic, baby.

collapsible strainer in kitchen
Collapsible doesn’t have to just describe trash cans. Check out this strainer that collapses and tucks away nicely in the cupboard. Cool, right?

6. Add storage pods 

WTF is a storage pod, you ask?

Well it’s just a small container basically. Most are created for specific things.

Like a toothbrush holder. Or one of those crazy Ikea contraptions to hold your nail polish or hairbrush.

So yeah, these are especially an especially awesome RV organization idea for the bathroom. They’ll keep everything in place during travel. And out of the way when you’re at the campground.

7. Convert your headboard into storage

I’ll admit it. This is a small storage solution for your RV, but worth noting.

Make this storage bin thin to keep reading material or anything small you want right at your bedside. It’s also a great place to hide a few clothing items your spouse thinks you finally got rid of.

Just sayin’.

8. Use organizers, obviously.

Okay, so this seems pretty obvious for an article giving you RV organization ideas. But yeah, I’m including it.

Collapsible organizers are great for hanging clothes. If you’re into scarves and stuff, there’s an organizer for that. And jewelry. And ties.

The sky’s the limit, my friend.

9. Magnetic strips and velcro, yo

Not since the kindergartener’s shoe has velcro been so popular. It’s such a great option for RVers!

You can add it to the inside of cabinet doors to store large kitchen utensils or other objects that are just too awkward for your RV drawers.

The same goes for magnetic strips. Tons of RVers use magnets for their spices, knives, and even pots and pans.

So basically, everyone’s doing it and so should you. #peerpressureisntallbad

10. Don’t forget command hooks

command hooks hanging up military clothes on back of rv door to organize it better

If you have something against velcro or magnets, don’t forget about command hooks.

These things compete for the top spot with Ikea for the top RV organization idea.

11. Use the space over the sink

nice picture of hanging baskets above kitchen sink holding various vegetables
Oooh la la. Veggies above the sink, baby.

Like I said at the beginning of this article. I suck at organizing and all that. But this? I got on lock.

Buy a rack or some baskets to place on the back wall above the kitchen sink.

For me, I use this area for fresh vegetables and fruit. It keeps them from getting squished in the pantry. And I’m more likely to eat them if they’re staring at me constantly.

So not only is this a great RV organization idea, but it can help you be healthier. Now you have to do it.

12. Use nesting bowls

picture of nesting bowls to organize your rv
Great RV organization idea. But also pretty. If you’re into that.

Fine china and pretty bowls are fricken fabulous. But they don’t belong in an RV.

Buy some cheap nesting bowls for your small kitchen. You’ll be able to cook like Julia Child without stress.

Click here for more ideas on how to use your RV kitchen to its fullest without stressing the eff out about how small it is.

Similarly, just go ahead and get those nesting measuring spoons/cups. You can thank me later.

13. Get yo’self a bedside caddy

It’s a rack. It’s collapsible. And gasp! It attaches to your bed.

What more do you want from life? Like for real.

You can use this little buddy for putting your wallet, phone, and that Kindle you’re using to read my book. #noshame

Best of all, it’s small as heck so it won’t get in the way when you have to roll out of bed for your nightly pee-pee time.

Got another RV organization idea? Share it in the comments so we can all benefit!

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  1. Would it be possible to add a link for some of the storage space ideas you listed; such as the bedside caddy for instance? A number of the ideas you listed sounded nice but I personally was not sure what they actually looked like. Pictures or links would help with that.


    Chip from Dearborn Heights, MI

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