In October 2017, our little family moved from a large 5th wheel to a small Jayco motorhome. While the purchase happened quickly, the research did not. We spent almost a year looking for the perfect bunkhouse RV floor plan.

buying a smaller RV
Talk about a downsize, folks!

And we noticed there is a lot out there. Based on budget and family size, different RVs may appeal to you.

In this post,  I break down the classes of RV and different price points–

Big baller: For those of you with Jordan money.

Middle of the road: Families who want to be comfortable and don’t mind a large down payment or financing.

Budget friendly: the vast majority, probably. You don’t mind buying used. Or maybe you just want to pay for your rig outright.

Searches were conducted on If one of these bunkhouse RV floor plans suits your fancy, you can simply click through and check it out further. I’ve also included video tours. #yourewelcome

Class A

Big BallerAmerican Coach American Revolution 42qb

Let’s start off with a bang, folks! Here is the most expensive bunkhouse RV I found.

Listed at $345,988, it has all the comforts of home wrapped in a fully painted exterior. Powered by the legendary Cummins diesel, you can rest assured of a reliable drive train that will take you everywhere you want to go. (Just be sure to find an RV park that will accommodate your beastly self.)

Equipped with full laundry, dishwasher and 1 1/2 baths, you’re hitting the road in all the creature comforts of the sticks and bricks.

BONUS: A second bedroom all the way in the back, giving your children a space of their own.

Click here to check out the video tour.

Middle of the road2018 Coachmen Pursuit 33BH

Coming in at $97,940, this beautiful Class A is a bit more conservative compared to our big baller category. This gas motorhome (with a Ford V10) has plenty of space for the family without breaking the bank.

With the on-board generator, you can boondock down by the lake or head to BLM for a cheap retreat. It’s also not too big for your favorite RV park.  With beds everywhere, this is perfect for a bigger family.

Seriously, the couch is a bed, the dinette is a bed, there’s a bunkhouse, and it has a bunk that comes down over the driver and passenger seat. It sleeps 10 people.

And who wouldn’t love putting 10 people in an RV?

Check out the video tour here.

Budget friendly 2010 Damon Daybreak 3204

Priced at $49,880, this beautiful used Daybreak is my choice for the budget friendly Class A.  If you like the layout of the Pursuit, but don’t need enough beds for a whole football team, this is a better option. And at half the price.

With only 26k miles on the Ford V10 drivetrain, it will carry you and your family on all the adventures you can stand.

The video I found was the same model, but with the Chevy drivetrain.

Check out the video tour here.

Class C

Big Baller 2018 Jayco Seneca 37fs

This model is my personal dream bunkhouse RV floor plan, so obviously it’s in the article.

The Seneca comes in at $173,970.

Being on a Freightliner chassis, it has the ability to tow way more than you or I could ever need. It would tow my current RV and toad with power to spare.

Sitting in the captains chair in this thing makes you feel like King of the Road. Everything is wrapped in leather. It has the bed over the cab and a bunkhouse for the kids. Enjoy your own space in your king size bed in the master bedroom.

Check out the video tour here.

Middle of the road  2018 Nexus RV Phantom 32P


While this option is on the high end of the middle, this RV is a great unit for the price.

At $91,990, you get your choice of stunning color inside. And you will love the large living room slide and the second (even larger) slide for the bunkhouse and bedroom. It is a great use of space for this type of RV.

The Nexus is a classy option in a sea of brown interior-having mundane RVs.

Check out the video tour here. 

Budget friendly 2012 Fleetwood Jamboree 31N

There are many bunkhouse RV floor plans out there for this class. Featured here is a used model in Mesa AZ, priced at $49,900.

It does have a few miles on the Ford V10 drivetrain, but it looks to be very well taken care of. The bunk area is just big enough for the kids. There is also a small dinette area to spend time doing a puzzle or work on your next blog post while the kids are outside. The dinette folds down into a second bunk when all the work has been completed. And of course, there is a large bed(room area) above the cab.

This is definitely a good option for families that don’t need a lot of extra space.

Travel Trailer

Big BallerFlying Cloud Bunk 30 Bunk

Of all the bunkhouse RV floor plans, this may be the most expensive travel trailer option out there. #dontquoteme

Now if you’ve ever thought  just because you have a few kids, you can’t own an Airstream… you are mistaken. There is one out there for you!

This 2017 Airstream is listed for $83,995.

Beautiful inside and out, this RV has a natural wood color interior. With a twin and full bunk configuration on one end and the master on the other, your family can seek adventure looking absolutely fabulous.

As long as you are either shorter than 6’3″ or never plan on straying from the center of the trailer, this one is for you!

Check out the video tour here.

Middle of the roadWinnebago Minnie Plus 27bhss

This particular RV was another of my favorites. While my wife and I were on the hunt for a a travel trailer, this was the one we loved the most… and almost bought. The bunkhouse design is perfect for a small family.

It is very well designed with many well thought out features.

The storage alone is worth mentioning. At first glance, it may seem like it does nothing extra for you but look again mis amigos!

The bottom bunk folds up to reveal a storage compartment with limitless possibilities. Seriously, pretty sure my snowboard and all equipment could fit in that beast. Also, the front pass thru could rival that of a 5th wheel.

And we can’t forget it comes in some pretty rad colors.

This model comes in at $29,995.  It’s a steal.

Check out the video tour here.

Budget friendly 2018 Pacific Coachworks Pacifica 16BH

This budget RV is also new! So new I can’t even find the bunkhouse floor plan image on the manufacturer’s website!

Not all families need a huge bunkhouse. This option has everything you need for a family adventure, and nothing else. Its small size and price tag make it a great option for the family who doesn’t want to buy a big-ol truck, and wants to be real cozy and close.

Listed at $14,992 it won’t break the bank and will provide family fun without sleeping on the ground.

5th Wheel

Big BallerDRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 43 Manhattan

If you have been in an RV park, you have seen one. They are big and super fancy and… basically a hotel on wheels.

This Double Tree lists for $137,335. While stationary, I had a neighbor with one of these and they are preme-o, baby.

This model is a luxurious bunkhouse RV floor plan. It essentially has an apartment within the RV. You have a separate bunkhouse room, living space, master bedroom, and two bathrooms.

Keep those kids away!

Check out the video tour here.

Middle of the roadCherokee Artic Wolf 256DBH8

While RV shopping in the 110 degree heatwe would go into any RV with AC on. That is how we stumbled on this bunkhouse RV floor plan.

Now this particular RV is one of the COOLEST layouts. It uses what would be dead space as a bunk location. With the bunks in the back of the RV, it makes the living area of the 5er so much more efficient than most.

The price tag of $51,492 is pretty tempting as well.

Personally, we ditched the idea of the Winnebago trailer for this. The only reason we didn’t buy is because we didn’t want the truck payment that comes with this unit.

I’m inserting the video here because everyone should see the awesome bunk design. Fo’ real. Skip to 2:25 to see the bunk.

Budget friendly 2018 Riverside RV Retro 526BH

This last RV is amazing. And not just because it’s a bunkhouse RV floor plan, but because it’s just plain cool looking.

Priced at $29,987, it wouldn’t always be considered a budget friendly RV, but let me tell you about this beaut.

The retro style RV is coming back in a big way. This unit has everything you need–checkerboard floor, red and white furniture, and accents with birch wood interior.

Oh yeah, and a nice set of bunks.

I haven’t been able to step into one of these gems yet, but it is one of the coolest RVs on the market. It is just so different. If my wife would let me, I would buy one.

Which bunkhouse RV floor plan is your favorite? Comment below and let me know.

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12 RV Bunkhouse floor plans for any family budget. Bunk beds are an awesome idea for kids to sleep on when camping or full-time RV living. Bunks provide storage space, and organization areas inside your RV, too! |


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22 thoughts on “12 Bunkhouse RV Floor Plans for Any Budget

  1. Those Super Cs on the Freightliner chassis are my dream RV. And if the floorplan has bunks, all the better … not for kids tho, for an office where I can close the curtains and leave work outta sight! Come on lotto numbers 😉

    1. lol Candace! I love the Super C as well, and yes we would just need one bunk and probably convert the bottom to a desk area for me!

  2. We rented an 18 foot motor home in Australia last year, touring from Bendigo, up into the Northern Territory, back south to Queensland and across towards the East, through Townsville, then down the East coast into Sydney (a 5 day stay to meet friends and family), then into Canberra. Then we headed back to Bendigo. In 35 days we put 9,000 kilometers on the rig. Hubby and I loved that trip! And it had its own toilet and shower, sink, kitchen (propane stove, fridge, table & storage). Market gardeners came through our campsite one day with fresh vegetables and roadside sales out of the back of a truck were always fun to find. Australians are friendly, helpful and fun to chat with. It may be because of our Canadian accents LOL. When our 3 year stint in Australia is up, we will be looking for an RV, 2nd hand, to travel and live in. Great blog, Liz! Thank you!

    1. Hey Sheila! You are so sweet. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

      Your trip sounds amazing. 3 years in Australia?! We haven’t even begun exploring the US really and I’m already trying to convince my husband Ed to go abroad. haha! Hope you stick around the blog and we talk soon!

  3. We are suckers for Airstreams. WE don’t have one yet and we will probably wait until the kids are grown to really enjoy one. It will be a special treat for Robert & I!

    1. Ohmyword how am I just seeing this comment Jessica?! haha
      I think you guys would do well in an Airstream! It would be perfect for you guys! Why wait?!

  4. Love the Arctic Wolf, it’s beautiful but I imagine on a rainy day it would feel very “small” if you’re stuck in side. Living area needs more room but it’s stunning!

  5. My husband hauls travel trailers for a living. I sometimes get to walk thru them when he is going by home on his way to a delivery. The artic wolfs are always my favorite.

  6. Nice work, Ed!

    We ❤️ the Senecas & tried hard to find a used one. People who own them don’t want to let them go, and when we found them they were $$$!

  7. Wow you guys DID downsize quite a bit looking at that comparison picture. And I have to say I’m not in love with the bunk situation in the Big Baller Class A, or the price tag. ? Not my cup of tea…but I guess there’s something out there for everyone.

  8. Very interesting article! I’ll admit I’m having a heart attack and sticker shock! LOL! But… I’ll also admit I’m frugal (better known as cheapskate lol!) to a fault, so I’ve been told. ? Reading this made me fall in love with our 22 yr old reno project again. LOL!

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