Here at The Virtual Campground, I love to talk about having fun and conjure up the craziest RVing stories, but let’s get serious today, shall we? Today let’s talk about campfire s’mores. Yep. Smores. They’re delicious, fun to make with friends, and since summer is half over, I’m trying to cling to anything warm-weather related in desperate denial, okay?


Growing up in northern Michigan, my mom always had big summer parties.

Picture it with me… I lived in a small town, about 200 people in the whole not-quite square mile. Our house was right off Main Street and boasted a pretty big Americana yard. My mom and stepdad put in a big bonfire pit right next to the tire swing, and in the summer! Oh, we lived for summer; my mom would host barbecues and bring out her giant speakers to blare Led Zeppelin (or Lenny Kravitz depending on her mood.)

At night we’d break out all the ingredients for s’mores. (All Liz? There’s like literally 3 ingredients…) We’d find sticks around the churchyard directly across the street and run back to the bonfire and let Mom adorn them with marshmallow, giggling with anticipation for the delicious treat we were about to partake in.

Well, my brother was giggling because he was a pyromaniac and liked to see how quickly he could get his marshmallow blazing, but that’s a whole different story, okay?

ANYWAY, back to the s’mores talk.

There’s a lot of sweet nostalgia related to s’mores for me and when you quite literally live on a campground, you see a whole lot of people mowing ’em down on the regular. But not just regular s’mores.

It seems with the invasion of Pinterest the last few years, people are getting awfully adventerous with this once-simple campfire treat. Just look at this infographic (it’s a word!) I found the other day, made by Alan’s Factory Outlet.

s'mores recipes pinterest
S’mores galore


I look at that and I’m just like WOAH! Who knew there could be so many ways to satisfy that s’mores craving?

But enough talking, I’ve picked five from this list to bring to the campfire and totally rock it! Oh yeah. Queen of camp, right here y’all.

(The following links are affiliate, just so you know.)

The beary yummy Teddy S’mores


Mmmmm,Teddy Grahams. I mean, those cute little baby bear bellies on these graham crackers are equal parts adorable and delicious. I can’t resist this s’mores “recipe.”

The cool and refreshing Mint S’mores


  • graham cracker
  • York Peppermint Pattys
  • marshmallow

I’m not normally the biggest fan of chocolate, but when mixed with mint, I just can’t resist. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this concoction before! Thanks Internet!

The Elvis S’mores (hubba hubba)


Holy heart attack, y’all. While I don’t eat pork of any kind (yes, I was born in the United States) my husband and daughter absolutely LOVE piggie in all its forms. I’m sure this one is going to be an exciting treat. (And I’ll be trying not to gag from the idea of bacon and banana together on a graham cracker. Send good juju.)

Good ole PB&J S’mores


  • graham cracker
  • jelly
  • peanut butter
  • marshmallow

Now this is a treat I can get behind. You really just can’t go wrong with peanut butter and jelly.

Or can you? I’ll keep you posted.

Peaches and Cheese S’mores


  • peach slices
  • brie
  • graham cracker
  • marshmallow
  • dark chocolate

Okay, so the dark chocolate and brie sounds amazing to me. Then I think about it being attached to the warm yummy campfire s’mores thing and I’m ready to start a fire right now.

*Cue end of post conclusion*

 So many s’mores, so little time.

Now that I’m starving and craving a sweet treat, I’m gonna head on down to the campfire and give these treat a go. I’m most excited for the Peaches and Cheese one. YUM.

Which one are you going to try?


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Easy Smores bar dessert recipes for your next campfire. These unique twists on an old favorite are sure to be your kids favorite camping treats this summer or fall! |

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6 thoughts on “5 S’mores Recipes to Rock the Campfire Scene

  1. Our favorite s’more of all times is the Reeses Peanut Butter Bar with Marshmallows and graham crackers. The bar has just the perfect amount of chocolate and pb that actually melts unlike a whole Reeses Peanut Butter cup. Total game changer.

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