So being a stationary RVer means that I don’t have all these amazing posts about where we’ve traveled in the last month or road maps highlighting all the incredible sights we’ve seen. However, it does mean I know all the ins and outs of my current RV park, and I think mine is pretty awesome. Here a some crazy, awesome, and just plain nice features of my RV park.

The tiny cabin

tiny house in rv park
OMG How cute is this thing, really?

Okay, so I have no idea the story behind this place but I absolutely love seeing this little cabin every day. It is so cute and tiny and I wish I had the guts to knock on the door and ask for an exclusive tour. I am also pretty sure it has been here a while because it is literally on the park map. I’m thinking the owner must rent it out, but then again, this is Alabama and it is VERY common to see little buildings like this all over the countryside with people living in them full-time. Someone could have bought it and gotten a deal with the owner to “park” it here for x amount of years.

tiny home in rv park
Just chilling with the fifth wheels.

A spa!

liz points to the rv park spa
That’s right, folks. A spa for when the RV life has got you down.

Say what? A spa?

Yup! This RV park has a stinkin’ A-frame full-on spa. If hanging around the park doing your puzzles and hiking all day has got you super stressed, just walk on over to the spa and get a 60 minute massage! Or maybe get your nails done, or your eyebrows fixed up, whatever you like. I seriously love this part of where I live. I mean, when was the last time you looked out your bedroom window and saw a beautiful spa like this?

a-frame spa in the rv park
Chelsea and Pooh Bear decide whether a wax or a pedicure is on the menu this evening.

Target practice

So one day I went for a long walk with the baby and pup and what did I see? Someone had set up a little shooting practice down a path no one really knows about. I mean heck, it took me months to find this place and it certainly explained the gunshots I would hear randomly in the middle of the day!

Mom, can I try? No, sweetie, just no.

All I can say is sweet home Alabama,  baby.


Alright, so those are the craziest and most awesome parts of the park. Here are a few that aren’t as unique, but enhance the park’s quality.

Giant clubhouse with full public kitchen

A couple month’s after moving into the RV, we discovered water damage in our kitchen slide. Everything had to be removed and we were sans kitchen for almost a full week while Ed worked round the clock to rebuild the wall, secure a new floor, and seal everything as tightly as possible.

kitchen disaster in the rv park
Houston, we have a problem.

Lucky for us, we picked a spot next to the clubhouse and this building has a GIANT fully-equipped kitchen in it. We were able to store all our perishables in the refrigerator and cook all our meals on the stove and in the oven. It was amazing being able to cook with so much counter space, let me tell ya!

So much room for activities!

The pool

Every good southern hospitality establishment comes with a pool and this RV park is no different. It is closed now because it is too cold, but we had plenty of good times in it when we first moved here in September and I can’t wait for it to open again (probably in less than 4 weeks!).

pool in the rv park
Small but mighty fun.

Two ponds

pond in the rv park
The pond in the back no one really knows about

So this RV park has two ponds. Apparently they used to be one giant pool of water… I love the ponds because Chelsea loves them. At least once a day we walk over and throw rocks in the one closest to our RV. You can’t swim in them because they are filthy disgusting, but they sure are pretty to look at and we see people quite often fishing off the bank.

But Liz, aren’t you afraid she is gonna slip and fall into the water?

Well no, but that did totally happen. A couple weeks ago (after a pretty-much stranger told me I needed to keep Chelsea safer and teach her yes and no) we were walking by the pond to avoid the “snake-filled” meadow I just recently learned to avoid by this kind stranger. She started marching in the mud and I told her to stop. Of course, she mistakenly took my “no” for “ohmygosh that’s so funny, keep doing it!” and proceeded to fall face first into the water. I scooped her up but the damage was done. Boy, was she soaked and dirty and TICKED! I carried her home and she got to play in the shower for a half hour. I just could not believe how that pond was! Holy cow! The INSIDE of her diaper was black. I mean, ew!!!

Moral of the story? I don’t know. Just wanted to share the story. Well maybe the moral is that kids sometimes fall face-first into the water and there’s really no avoiding it. Be free, my little toddler!

The young girl now stays far from the pond that tried to swallow her up

Lots of room to run and play!

Alright so I’ll wrap up this fun visual tour saying that I love the RV park because there is lots of open space for the family to stretch our legs. In the mornings, Haley, Chelsea, and I go for about 30-60 minute walks. We also do this in the afternoon, and we try to go with Ed at night if the weather is good.

I know this is most likely NOT a unique feature, as the point to RVing is to be outside, but for those that don’t frequent RV parks, I just want to say I’m in love. I love our little home with our big “yard.” I am so happy my husband is on this journey with me and I am excited to think that Chelsea is spending her youngest years here.

Here are few more pictures of the park I snapped while preparing for this post. Enjoy!

Just the po’ po’ rollin’ through…don’t worry. He lives here, too.
rv park walk with family
My loves exploring the back trail
My loves exploring the main road.
ed and liz rv park
Would you put that camera away woman?


So, what do you think? Been to an RV park that’s better? Or what about your local neighborhood?

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17 thoughts on “Unique Features of My RV Park

  1. The “kind stranger” had me rolling! I have a great promo code for Bubble Wrap if you need to borrow it ?

  2. I just love that your little one gets to have so much time outdoors in your “big yard.” That was a huge part of my childhood and my own kids just missed out on it entirely. Couldn’t get them to leave the house if I bribed them!

    1. haha It wasn’t until I discovered running that I liked to be outside. I was a super shy kid, but when my mom got me my first pair of running shoes, I was out the door any chance I could get! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love that you used a “Step Brothers” quote!! LOL That had me laughing! Seriously though, thanks for sharing a look around your home, Liz. You are making me green with envy! I can’t wait to RV full-time one day! 🙂

  4. They flood the park in our neighborhood in the winter for kids to play hockey. We usually do not go above 32 from December to February here. This is not so unusual for neighborhoods in Minnesota. But…our neighborhood has a Zamboni! Yes our own Zamboni. The neighbor who owned it bought a car and he did not have room to keep it anymore. He was about to sell it when the city stepped in and built a shelter for the Zamboni in the park using emergency funds. Moral of the story…think about how much Alabama loves football multiply by 100 that’s how much Minnesotans love hockey. It felt like a good story on my way to see Gophers play hockey.

    1. That is an awesome comparison. And I totally get it! I was born in Detroit!!
      Thanks for reading. I’m already thinking up my next post for your train ride. 🙂

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