A while back I introduced a new segment on the blog called Inside the RV and today I am bringing it back! Remember, this is an interview segment with other full-time RVers.

Today I’m introducing Valerie and Jessi, a couple adventuring and documenting their travels over at Happy Camper Wives. Let’s get to the interview!

1. Tell us about your family a little bit.

We are a lesbian couple that met in San Francisco. We are both very driven and wanted to climb the corporate ladder because we felt that was what we were suppose to do. After building our careers for a few years we realized we both had different priorities and wanted to travel more!

inside the rv happy camper wives shot
It’s Valerie and Jessi from Happy Camper Wives!

Tell us what brought up the whole RV thing. Why did you choose the RV life?

In January 2016, we were tired of commuting 3-4 hours a day and working 50+ hours a week. We decided to sell our home in the bay area and leave it all behind. We were simply exhausted. Making more money than we ever had, we still never felt like we were catching up on our ever increasing bills. We decided living in San Francisco was not worth being this stressed. Living off a lot less would be easier elsewhere, so we chose Florida. We initially downsized from a three bedroom home to a 5X5 storage unit and went to Alaska for the summer. While in Alaska, we decided we liked traveling so much we wanted to do it full-time so we moved into a camper.

Now, can you tell us about what kind of RV you have? And why you picked that one?

We love our t@b S and think it was the best choice!  It’s super cute and it offers a bathroom and kitchen area which makes it a functional home. It has huge windows and feels much larger than it actually is! The bed is king sized which fits us very comfortably and the dining room comfortably fits 4-6 people.

inside the rv t@b
OMG they live in that? It’s seriously too cute!

On the other hand, the biggest thing on our wish list is to have a space with both a living area and bedroom. Currently we have to convert the living room into the bed. Also, because it’s so light weight, it doesn’t have the nice wood features that we love in tiny homes. Also, we’d love a bath 🙂

What did you do with all your stuff?

At first, we pared down our three bedroom home into a 5×5 storage unit. This was before we were planning to live in a camper, but going on a cross country trip. Then, after we went to Alaska for the summer, we realized we had already lived with out all that “precious” stuff for 4 months and we couldn’t remember what was even in there. We then downsized to whatever could fit into our trailer/truck. That’s literally all the stuff we own!

Just how long have you been on the road? What are your long term plans?

We’ve been on the road for 5 months with plans to do this for a very long time. We’re hoping to explore Mexico, South America, Europe and more in our tiny t@b.

How do you afford the RV life? What do you guys do for a living?

Jessi currently works remotely as a web designer, and Valerie works on our travel blog (which earns a very small amount). Our future plans for income could be anything from starting a tiny house village to blogging full-time, we’re not really sure but we want to see where the world takes us. Maybe we could camp in Europe or Mexico or South America…we feel like the world is an exciting adventure we want to explore. One thing we do know is we love this lifestyle!

What is the absolute hardest thing about living in a camper?

Hitting your head 3 times a day! Also, not having mail…that can be a challenge.

happy camper wives inside view
Yeah, I can see how you could hit your head…

What are you hoping to gain from this lifestyle change?


happy camper wives
Well, I’m not sure you can get freer than this.

Enjoy this Inside the RV interview? Want to know more about Valerie and Jessi? Click here to check out their blog, where they provide information for the first-time RVer and people interested in this lifestyle! And if you like photography, all these amazing pictures featured on this post are Happy Camper Wives originals. Check out their instagram, @happycamperwives 

Be sure to share this couple’s amazing story and comment below on how stinking cool their teardrop is! 

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18 thoughts on “Inside the RV: Meet the Happy Camper Wives

  1. What a creative and unique idea to show how different people live the RV life in different ways! So many see it as a cookie cutter type lifestyle of no work and all play.

    A great example of how working to survive just doesn’t work for some of us anymore. Good for them and happy traveling!

  2. One day………. one day I hope to have come closer to my dreams; something similar to all of this! Looks so peaceful and free!

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