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Meet the Morris’s!

Today I’d like to introduce the Morris’s, the first RV family that I’ve met! A couple days after starting their journey, they stopped at a park in Alabama and settled in overnight, only to discover a very excited young lady who was just about to launch her blog and wanted to share people’s stories of the RV life. That lady was yours truly, and I am so excited to bring you their story.

Here is our interview.

Hey guys. Tell us about your family a little bit.

Our names are John and Candice. We have two children, Natalie who is 13 and Nathan who is 8 years old.

Awesome! People actually traveling as a family. Tell me what brought all this up. Why did you choose the RV life?

Before this, we owned a fast-paced restaurant. It was a round-the-clock, seven-days-a-week grind of owning and running this thing. There was little time for family, let alone fun. There was only working at the restaurant, or thinking about the work that had to be done at the restaurant. Then about three years ago, John almost lost his life. Here he was, a person that may never be able to touch the salt water of the sea again or ever look out into the Grand Canyon for the first time…but we still owned and worked tirelessly at our restaurant. His illness really put life into perspective for us. Why wait until the kids are out of the house when we could let them be a part of this adventure? It may even open up opportunities for them that sitting in a classroom never could!

That sounds like an amazing opportunity for the kids. What were their reactions?

The kids were very positive and Nathan went and told his whole school about the plan. They both were included since the very beginning.

Sweet! And yes, your kids had me laughing at how absolutely stoked they were to be going on this adventure. The very first thing they said to me was “We’re living in this!” Now, can you tell us about what kind of RV you have?

Stock photo of their trailer…please don’t sue Coachmen

We have a 33-foot Coachmen Freedom Express Travel Trailer. It has an outdoor kitchen and a full bunk room. The weight of it was a big factor. Our truck has a max towing capacity of 10,100 pounds and we wanted to be under that. The Coachmen Freedom Express fully loaded is 7600 pounds.

33 feet seems small to some people, especially those just learning about the RV life. What did you do with all your stuff?


6) We gave a lot of our belongings to Goodwill over a six month period. On the final moving day, I put a lot of things into a garage at my mom’s that we’re special keepsakes and some nice furniture. Everything else moved into the RV with us.

Just how long have you been on the road? What are your long term plans?

At this time it has been one month of full-time RV living. The plan is for Natalie to go back to high school in 9th grade. That gives us around a year to a year and a half to see as much of the United States as we can. We may be flexible on this if Natalie wanted to do online high school and if we found a way to make a living.

So that means you don’t have jobs? How do you afford the RV life?

We are currently unemployed. We sold our restaurant and home to finance the trip. However, we will be starting a video blog soon and are open to exploring work-from-home options.

Gotcha. So obviously the transition from a normal house to an RV cannot be easy. What is the absolute hardest thing about it?

The hardest thing about living in this small space is only having one bathroom for the 4 of us and out of that four, one of us is a 13 year old girl! Also, paper plates have become Candice’s preferred choice¬†now that she is the Personal Dishwasher.

So even though you only have one bathroom and no dishwasher, there are upsides. What are you hoping to gain from this lifestyle change?

The thing we hope the most is that our children will gain the confidence to know they belong anywhere that their hearts may lead them.

That is beautiful and something I want very much for my daughter. Now before I get too sappy, let’s end with some advice. What is something you’d like to share with the reader about transitioning to full-time RVing?

Personally, researching for a few months beforehand really helped. Reading blogs and watching YouTube was the most helpful. Also, try visiting some RV dealerships. Just sit in them so you can envision what life in that space will be like and which one will work best for your family.

The morris's at Disney
Their children have amazing hair. #squadgoals

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