Mom, Dad. We need to talk… Don’t, just…please, sit down.

Now I know I’ve been acting a little strange lately. Staying in your basement, crashing on Uncle Keith’s couch, unwilling to call about that apartment you saw on Zillow last week. Yeah Mom, I know. Walk-in closets, that’s awesome.

But there’s something I just gotta tell you. And before I go on I just wanna say that yes, I’ve thought this through and no, you can’t change my mind. Here goes…

Mom. Dad. I’m buying an RV! And I’m going to travel around the country.

Mom?! Are you okay! Dad!! I think she passed out. Whadawedo?! Mom? Mom?!

Okay, okay. Her eyes are open. Ma- ow! That hurts. Stop hitting me with that pillow. Geez. Calm down and let me explain!

You know what? Forget it. I don’t have to explain this to you. I’ve already made up my mind. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Craigslist ad I need to call on.

Camping World? You’ve got to be joking, Dad. The first rule you guys need to know is friends don’t let friends buy from Camping World. The salesmen don’t know what they’re talking about and… why am I even telling you? You guys are just gonna harass me.

Alright, alright. Let’s talk. I’ll start from the beginning.

So you know how when I was a kid you were always telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be? That with hard work and dedication, the sky was the limit? You remember that? Yeah? Well now I really believe it. I believe it with my heart and soul and bones.

Hold your eye rolls til the end please.

Okay, so you were always telling me that. Then by the time senior year of high school rolled around, that theory, to be whatever I wanted to be, had to include college, right? RIGHT? Okay, that’s fine. So I go to college. I pick a major. I stick to it and I graduate. And don’t get me wrong, college was great. And I’m grateful for the experiences and the skills I’ve learned.


So then after months of living with you guys, I finally got THE job. Remember? Remember how exciting it was?  Gosh, I was so excited to start that job, to make my own money, to be ADULTING.

Wha? Adulting? Oh, that’s just a new word, Dad. It means to be an adult…I don’t know why it has to be a verb Dad, it just is. Okay, well you don’t have to get it. Can we please get back to the… Thank you.

Okay, so I’m in this new job, I’m in my new place. I buy all this stuff for my new 2 bedroom apartment and I’m totally stoked. I come home from work to packages piled at the door with MY name on them. And I’m happy. For about a month.

Work turns out to suck.

The job isn’t what I thought it would be, my boss only rewards people that live at the office, and that apartment? It’s becoming a lot for me to handle, especially since I’m working so much. So like one day it just hit me, you know?

What is one person doing with 2 bedrooms? Why am I paying out the wazoo for this place when it’s too much space and hardly ever occupied? Why did I spend all this money to decorate an apartment that no one sees? Why am I in my 20s settling for a job I don’t love when there’s time to change my path?

That’s what I’m doing guys. I’m just changing my path!

There’s this new wave of people… People like me, buying and living in RVs, traveling around before retirement. They’re doing it because they don’t want to wait to live their lives. They want to see and do, not watch and listen. They call themselves RV Entrepreneurs and they’re building their lives, businesses, communities, and families all out of the RV!

Dad! I saw my whole life the way you broke your back for this family. Mom! The way you supported everyone was incredible. I admire that so much, that’s why I’m doing this. I want to show you that it’s true, that the sky really is the limit…that I’m not going to settle for a job and life I find “just okay.” You guys did the best you could with what you had. I 100% believe that. But look at the world we live in now!

Work and travel can be a reality for any one.

Mom, pull out your phone. The whole world rests in the palm of your hand, my hand, Dad’s hand. Any one can create their own successful business if they’re willing to believe in themselves and dedicate the time and effort. I know it sounds crazy to you, but it’s true. The internet has opened up the world, seriously.

Like I said, there are a ton of people that do this… No Dad, I wouldn’t jump off a bridge if everyone was doing it. I’m trying to be serious here, please!

They’re just people, normal like me… not crazy hippies or vagabond freeloaders. Just people, families even, with a simple desire to live life on their own terms, work for themselves so they can travel around and see anything, everything. Doesn’t that sound amazing!?

I know, right?! It does! That’s why I want the RV. I’ve been working for about a year on my online business and I’m finally seeing some fruit from it. This isn’t a decision I’ve taken lightly. I’ve worked super hard to get to the stage where I’m able to make this dream a reality. No, business isn’t incredible but if I don’t go right now, I might lose my nerve. I don’t want to live in regret. I won’t.

Yes, Dad. I’ll be the first to admit I may crash and burn and end up in your basement…again, but man! I’ve got to try. I’ve got to do things my own way. Isn’t that what you always wanted for me? To work hard at something I believe in? I believe in this so much, guys.

Uh..Mom? Dad?

Awww Mom. I love you too.

Thanks Dad. I’m proud of me too.


The “buying an RV” conversation is an interesting one for sure. No matter what age and stage of life you’re in, and who you are telling, people always seem to have mixed reactions. What has been people’s reaction to your decision?


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15 thoughts on “Mom, Dad… I’m Buying an RV

  1. Dear Liz
    I’m not a full timer or even part timer yet but someday, somewhere, somehow this will become my reality. I have an RV that sits in the garage waiting for the day to come when we hit the open road for good. I’ll try and send a picture.
    I love your writing style.

    1. Hey Mark! I believe one day you and your camper will hit that open road. I cannot wait. Any questions on how to get started, I’m your girl!

  2. Liked the story. I spent 15 years on the road in a bumper pull RV. I was a photographer working at colleges and universities nationwide. It was a job though. I went to work every day just like everyone else. Only my daily commute changed every few weeks as I changed locations. I used to love it when I would return home after working on the road for 6 months, when people would ask me: “Did you enjoy your vacation?” or, “Did you have fun on your trip?” Or this was classic: “I don’t see how you can afford to be traveling and be on vacation all the time!” LOL little did any of them know I worked probably harder than they did, I know I worked more hours, with my average work week of 75-80 hrs. Oh well Now after spending 20 years in a stick built home, and retired, I’m off to seek and see the wizard again! And again by RV! Happy Trails Y’all!!


    1. Thanks Scott. Yes, working from the road can be exhausting. There is burnout, loneliness, stress getting to the next site, stress finding the next job, etc etc. It sounds like you probably shot some amazing people, places, and things, though. Life is a balance and it’s never gonna be perfect, no matter what your style is. Good luck with the wizard! 🙂

  3. I’m 60 and choose an rv when I became divorced for financial reasons. I needed a place to stay until life settled, and it was a great option. But I faced the same response from my 80 year old mother and my siblings that you did. Turned out I was in it for 15 months, lost only$1500 when I sold it. Advice? Be sure you buy it right! Good luck!

    1. Ann! Great story. And yes, I suppose at any age you can find confusion. That’s awesome about the $1500. We are in ours for probably another year and are also under the “well, if we lose money on it, that’s fine because we got to live in it so cheap for so long” category.

      My mother loved the idea. She said she would have expected nothing else from me. haha I’ve always been a little more colorful than the rest, I think. This was a fictional write-up.

    1. Thanks Katie. Always love a pleased reader. I thought this would be a fun little write-up, something different than the normal blog post out there! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Love it!!!That is exactly the way my parents would have reacted way back when. Man I wish….Oh well it is the here and now. We need to waste not one more minute!!!

    1. haha My mom was like “Oh yeah. Cheap option. I like it.” Then I told her we were gonna travel around after Ed’s contract with the army. She said “Damn. That’s cool as hell.” hahaha

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