This weekend I am attending my very first summit, the RV Entrepreneur Summit! Needless to say, I am stoked guys!

So what is the RV Entrepreneur Summit and why am I so dang excited?

RV entrpereneur summit liz wilcox attends
Get ready for some knowledge bombs about the RVE summit, y’all

It’s a conference for RVers to learn from the experts (people who are currently RVing and maintaining a business from the road) in engaging workshops and lectures. It is also a chance to build community and get inspired. There’s also going to be RV tours, meet-ups, and even a night photography class! How cool is that?

This the first RV Entrepreneur Summit ever and it’s hosted by Heath and Alyssa Padgett. I’ve mentioned them before when I wrote about how I came to live in an RV in the first place. Heath and Alyssa run a very popular blog dedicated to helping others find a way to make their RV dreams come true. They have a podcast called (of course) the RV Entrepreneur where they interview all sorts of people on how they make the RV life possible through entrepreneurship. Their blog and podcast not only inspired me to start my own, but they also inspired me to dream big and imagine a future where I’m living out my greatest desires.

With that said, you can see why I’m pretty stoked to meet them.

Who else will be there?

There are going to be lots of people there I’ve been following on social media or learning from through their blogs and services.

If you’re a part of my Facebook page, I posted an article a week ago showing you a couple in a Class A with a baby. This couple run a blog called RV Wanderlust and are absolute MASTERS at social media and blogging. This is something I am obviously VERY interested in and I cannot wait to meet them to soak up any and all knowledge they hit me (and the other 99 attendees) with.

I’m also looking forward to learning some things about photography. As you know, I love to post pictures for you guys but I have no experience with a camera. Joe Hendricks, and award winning photographer (and full-time Airstream dweller) will be at the summit teaching a nighttime photography class. How cool is that?

liz wilcox blog setup rve summit
Above shots are “in” currently, right?

It’s actually very cool, as his class was so popular they added a second one and I might have a chance of attending! Eek! So happy!

A very super popular blogging family will be there. Michael and Crissa Boyink are the brains behind Ditching Suburbia. They’ve been on the road with their kids for 6 years and have a variety of experiences that I’m excited to learn from. I also want to check out their sweet 5th wheel. It is completely white on the outside (no ugly stickers!) and I can’t wait to revel in its simplicity.

There will also be some WordPress experts there that I need to hear speak. I use WordPress for my blog and absolutely love it, but am a complete noob. I’m definitely going to hear them speak and hopefully can bring back some knowledge to “up my blog game.”

liz wilcox blogs about rvs and inspiration
Me and my current blog game.

I’ve invested a lot into this conference, people.

Because both Ed and I signed up for the RV Entrepreneur Summit, we bought a plane ticket for my sister to come to Alabama to watch Chelsea. (woohoo! Kid-free weekend!)

Let’s do some math, people. 

2 plane tickets to Texas: $600.
1 pane ticket to Alabama: $300

Now let’s add in some complications.

Because I live in an RV park, the wi-fi is completely unpredictable and less than reliable. While trying to buy all 3 tickets, something happened and the Texas tickets were booked for some random dates in January. What?!

liz wilcox upset over RV Entrepreneur Summit error
Random purchase error, why u do dis?


Ed spotted the mistake (thank God!) and I called the airline. Of course, their policy is to charge $200 JUST TO CHANGE THE ORIGINAL TICKET plus the difference of the tickets. I begged and cried and pleaded and was able to get the $200 policy charge removed, but of course their was a difference in tickets, so…

Let’s add the extra charges.


Alright, so now I’ve invested $1200 in just airplane tickets. This does not include rental car, cost of attending the RVE Summit, or lodging. Luckily, Heath and Alyssa refunded Ed’s ticket so I was able to save about $130 there. (Thanks guys!)

And now Ed can’t even come to the dang RVE Summit!

So the original plan when I bought the tickets was that Ed and I go together as a couple. Why was this so important?

If you can’t tell, I’m all-in on the RV life stuff. I want it so bad I’ve started a blog and brainstorm day and night on how to make money online. I want it so bad that I’m going to a conference on how to make my dream a reality.

Ed? He’s much more nervous. He worries about health insurance, and retirement, and all that other practical stuff I have no room for in my head because my dreams and ideas are too big!

ed wilcox rve summit
Ed being a realist.

This is why I wanted him at the RV Entrepreneur Summit! I wanted him to come with me so he could see the RV life “in action” so to speak. There are going to be so many people there that have made this their reality, and I knew it would help my husband turn his nerves into excitement.

But alas, it is not meant to be. My husband is in the Army and the Army says he cannot have the day off to travel with me.

I am sad.

But still so excited to meet and learn from all these RV adventurers and dreamers!

Have you ever attended a conference? What was it geared towards? Any questions you want me to take along? Comment and I’ll be sure to ask! I’m so excited to go and can’t wait to share everything I learn with you guys.

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9 thoughts on “RV Entrepreneur Summit, Here I Come!

  1. If it gives you any comfort, I am also married to a realist and we are on the road in our RV so dreams can come true! I love the idea of this summit! I am off to read your other post about it now…

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience in store for you. Looking forward to reading more! Thank you so much for your recent kind comment on my blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading yours too. You have such a positive outlook. Hope your weekend is lovely.

  3. That sounds amazing! Hubby’s former Army, so we get that too. We’d love to RV full time once we “retire”, and sooner if I could get away with it! Would love to see a followup post about your experience. Thanks!

  4. I’m more happy for you than jealous of you. But still jealous 😛 Hoping to catch some of the livestreams, and really super-duper-extra hoping Heath & Alyssa will do it again next year & Brian & I can both attend.

    Sorry about Ed’s Army bosses. We are well acquainted with situations like that. #hooah

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