I love traveling but I hate travel days. My feet get swollen, my kid is whiny, and my husband? Well, let’s just say he’s mastered the art of road rage. (Lucky me, right?)

By the time we arrive at camp most travel days, it takes a good 2-3 hours to decompress from all the built up bad juju we all have seething through our veins.

If your family is like mine and just can’t seem to get along, perhaps it’s time to bring in some reinforcement.

Now give me a big fat fake smile! I need a picture for this blog post!

Exorcise these travel day demons with some travel games!

Here are a few that don’t completely suck.

3 travel games for your next family or couples road trip that don't suck! All of these games are fun for adults, kids, and teens, and two of them are super simple to DIY on the fly! If you're full-time RV living with kids then this is a must-read. Click on to read more! | www.TheVirtualCampground.com

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501 Questions: A Travel Game

Okay, this game is perfect for couples and families who have run out of things to say to each other. I mean, other than the oh-so-popular “You know, why don’t we all just be quiet?” (You know what I’m talking about.)

As the title tells you this is literally a travel game with 501 questions in it. They’re broken into 4 sections:

  • Would you rather?
  • If you could..
  • Tell me about…
  • Travel Trivia

I like that about this game because once you get bored with one type of question, you can move onto the next. I also like that while the game is simple, there are different ways to play. And the author suggests a few in the beginning so you can really get the most out of this book.

My favorite way to play is “the hot seat.” Here’s how to play:

  • Pick one person to be in the hot seat
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes. (You can change the time allotted. duh)
  • Everyone asks the person in the hot seat questions until the time is up.
  • Choose the next person to be in the hot seat and repeat.

I think it’s really fun to add to this and see who can answer the most questions in that time, too.

Another fun way to play is to play by mile markers on the road. Switch the person answering questions (or the type of question) every mile marker or two.

I think the added element just keeps everyone involved and engaged in the game so it doesn’t get boring after just a few questions.

Speaking of questions, here are a few of my favorite from each category:

Would you rather:

  • scared by a snake or tarantula? (snake of the non-poison variety, please.)
  • die young or old? (old, pruny, and sarcastic, obviously.)
  • get beach chairs or lie in the sand? (okay, what kind of sick bastard wants to lie in the sand?)

If you could:

  • name yourself, what would your name be? (Beyonce Knowles, duh.)
  • bike across any country, which would it be? (Um, which country is the smallest? I hate biking.)
  • only give one gift for the rest of your life, what would it be? (My presense. You’re welcome, world.)

Tell me about:

  • a time you were moving too fast for you comfort level. (Wow. Um. Not that kind of blog, okay?)
  • your secret talent. (I’m incredibly fast at typing. #whatsyoursuperpower?)
  • your favorite type of breakfast. (Hamburgers. Isn’t that everyone’s?)

Travel Trivia:

  1. What are the three happiest countries in the world? (Florida, Mexico City, and Antartica! What do I win?)
  2. Which city is known as the Forbidden City? (Oooooh, I think it’s Oz! The land of Oz!)
  3. What are the top 3 languages in the United States? (Trick question. Speak English or get out!)

What I like most about this game is it’s a great relationship builder. My husband and I obviously love each other, but travel days can be very stressful. This helps us not only get along, but get to know each other better.

Interested in buying the game? Click here!

Actors & Movies

I like this game because it’s a good conversation starter. And my husband gets a chance to show off his excessive movie quote knowledge. (Anything to help with the road rage, ya know.)

It’s also simple and you can start and stop playing it as it comes naturally–it’s easy to insert conversation about movies/actors and memories associated with them.

To play:

One person starts by naming an actor (or actress). Then the other names a movie that person is in. The starter of the game retorts with a second actor in that movie. And so on.

Example: Will Smith

Men In Black

Tommy Lee Jones

The Fugitive

Harrison Ford

Star Wars

This is usually the point we get to where Ed starts quoting Yoda or something. Then I go on to say “You know, I really don’t get those movies. And what do you think about what Disney has done with them? Why did George Lucas sell anyway?”

Reenactment of Ed walking away from my Star Wars ignorance.

And then we continue playing because Ed has already explained these questions to me a million times before.

When one person is stumped begin again with a new starter of the game.

Sorry I’m Late

This third one is a short but fun game for everyone.

And honestly, I think it’s a great game after a fight because you can start out with something really easy that the mad-spouse can’t resist shouting out the answer.

To play:

One person starts by saying “Sorry I’m late.” Then that person gives a reason to why they were late, but the reason is them giving a description of a movie.

Ex: Sorry I’m late. My lover and I tried to survive our boat sinking but he ended up freezing to death in the Atlantic.

The answer is obviously Titanic and your spouse is now rolling his eyes at you in humor and not disgust.

As the game progresses and your partner’s mood is happier, you can make the game harder.

Ex: Sorry I’m late. I had to go visit my mother in jail. She got locked up after hitting a guest at her job.

Unless you’re a die hard Disney fan, this movie might be harder to guess. (Hint. It’s Dumbo.)

What are your favorite travel games to play?

I’m always looking for ways to “spice up” RV travel days, so please! Tell me your favorite travel games to play in the comments.

And if you find travel days to be really hard too, check out this post on how to make them less stressful. 

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6 thoughts on “3 Travel Games that Don’t Suck

  1. Liz, the breakfast of champions is cold pizza and warm beer left over from last night’s party. At least is was in college. It’s not hgamburgers, those are for lunch, unless of course, you’re getting up at noon, then it’s OK.

  2. Love the Actors & Movies game. We essentially play that all the time, pulling out the iPad and going to IMDB.com to see if ActorX was in that movie with ActorY….

    1. That’s so funny, Andrea. I love that game too! It’s just fun…and now you’ve given me a way to level up! haha

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