Romance in the RV sounds ridiculous. There. I said it.

I mean, your sewer is below you for heaven’s sake. And nothing kills the mood more than when you’re trying to umm… be all lovey dovey and the breaker pops. Or you suddenly discover the shower is full of grey water. Or… you get the point.

Even so, we all still RV. And we all still love our spouses/partners/friends with benefits/it’s-so-complicated-why-am-I-even-reading-this-article.

And for that reason I wrote this just for you. Here are some ways to find romance in the RV. Enjoy!

Romance in the RV While Driving

I am totally guilty of letting my husband drive the RV for hours and hours without speaking a single word to him. I usually get out my laptop and use that time to catch up on emails, blog posts, and social media.

And so I fully admit that it’s so easy to do this.

But it can be really detrimental to my relationship if I do it too often.

Take advantage of a completely distraction-free partner. Use this time to play games, talk, and bond with your partner. Some of my best conversations with Ed have been while driving. I find he’s so open during these times!

You can just chat or kick it old school with some road trip games. It’s also super fun to answer questions about each other from pre-prepped questions or surveys. Some of these are great ways to find out deep truths about your loved one; others are just for fun.

Here are my game suggestions:

21 Questions

One partner asks questions and the other partner answers. Here is a great resource to find questions to ask your partner.

This is a great game to play while getting to know each other. It is also a classic for long-term couples wanting to dig deeper.


When you notice an interesting vehicle, point it out and start making up a story about its passengers. Be as detailed and silly (or outrageous) as possible. Let your partner help you with the story.

Is it an old couple in love on their way to winter in Florida? What are they carrying in their trunk? What did they leave behind?

Or is it a young family on their way to buy their first RV? Will they live in it full-time or just enjoy it on the weekends? What RV will they get? Why do they want to RV in the first place?

This is a really fun way to collaborate on something creative together. Which of course is going to give you all the mushy feelings you’re going to need once you park…if you know what I mean.

501 Questions: A Travel Game

501 Questions: A Travel Game Book Cover

Now this is a fun game! It comes in book form, so make sure you order it before a trip.

I love playing it with Ed while we are driving. I always learn so much about him. The questions range from serious If You Could and Would You Rathertopics to fun trivia!

Click here for more game ideas that are actually fun and don’t suck.

Romance in the RV Park

Once you get to your destination, things can start spicing up if you know what I mean. (And I think that you do, baby.)

Here are some suggestions on how to make your next RV stay romantic:

Make Dinner Together Over The Campfire

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about making dinner with my husband. Yumm-ohhhh!

But honestly, unless you have a kitchen like this, mealtime can be stressful. The space can be incredibly small. How are we both going to chop veggies at the same time? And don’t even think about getting too creative. I don’t want my bath towel to smell like curry, okay?!

Take this romantic RV adventure outside.

Gather up your ingredients and use the picnic table outside. (Ahhh, the elbow room.)

Work together on building the campfire. Go for a walk to gather kindling. Hold hands. Sneak kisses. You know the drill.

Talk about the day you’ve had and all the things you’ve got lined up for this amazing RV trip. Be flirtatious and light-hearted.

And don’t forget: Laugh at the mess left at the picnic table. And the million trips you’ve had to make into the RV to get that “one last thing.”

Remember, you’re doing this to have fun and experience new things together!

Rather cook on a grill than a campfire? Check out what grill might be best for you right here.

Lay Under The Stars Together

I know. I know. It sounds oh-so-cliche. And okay. It totally is.

But c’mon. You’re reading an article about how to be romantic in a box on wheels. Getting cheesy is probably your thing anyway.

So find a campground outside of the city. Or take your sweetie boondockin’ on some good ole BLM land. And lay under the stars together.

There’s a really cool app out there called Star Chart. You and your partner can use this to learn new constellations together. (schwing)

Or you can take tech out of the equation and “hunt” for shooting stars. Make it super cute-gross by making the person that didn’t spot the star kiss the one who didn’t.

Best idea of all, and this one is only for the truly romantic: take advantage of the fact that your partner can’t see you. Be vulnerable and discuss serious topics. There’s nothing like snuggling up under the stars to open you up and allow you to grow closer together as a couple.

Learn Their Camping Style

I don’t mind roughing it. My husband gets wicked anxious if we don’t have electricity. We have different camping styles. And so we often compromise on our RV trips.

Learning your partner’s style is essential for romance in the RV.

If your Sweet Babboo likes the finer things in life, you’ve got RV resorts to choose from anywhere in the country. Get really romantic with a park that has massages, hot tubs, restaurants and the ever-so-sexy wine racks.

Of course, if your schmoopie is an introvert, pick a secluded camping spot in a state park or go boondocking. Gather your supplies beforehand for a worry-free weekend. Cook your meals together, play cards, and cuddle up with their favorite movies and music.

Whatever they’re into, you’re in for the time of your lives if you get it right.

Romantic RV Destinations

Where oh where should you go?

Again, a lot of this will depend on your style as a couple, but here are some suggestions for romantic RV getaways.

For the Beach Lovers

aerial view of Destin, FL, a top romantic destination for RVErs

If getting sand in your butt crack is appealing to you or your partner, check out these towns. Bring the sunscreen.

Destin, FL
My hometown and my personal favorite. Enjoy white sand beaches, happy hour every night of the week, and great live music. No joke.

Fairhope, AL
Ohmyword is this little town on the Gulf adorable. Take a long walk on the beach, then a short walk to downtown. You’ll love it here.

Cape Cod, Mass
Nothing screams romance like a thick Massachusetts accent. Seriously though, Cape Cod is so quaint you won’t be romantically deterred by the locals.

Mackinac Island, MI
I always wanted to get married here. 360 views of the water. Horse drawn carriages. Clark Gable. This might be the most romantic place I’ve ever been.

For the City People

Like adventure, but in a “happy hour and site seeing” sort of way? This sections for you, my friend.

Austin, TX
They keep it weird in this city. Which just might be what you need in your romantic life. Check it out.

Washington DC
Channel your political rage into something a little more fun in this city.

San Diego, CA
Sunsets. That is all.

For Outdoorsy Couples

If getting sand in your butt crack is appealing to you or your partner, check out these towns. Bring the sunscreen.


Denver, CO
Go on a beer tour. Take a hike. Float down the river. It’s your romantic getaway and this place has lots for you to do.

Birmingham, AL
Often overlooked, this place is fricken gorgeous. And there’s so much to do if you like being outside. Just don’t come in July or August. You’ll melt.

Moab, UT
National Parks (plural, people!). Rivers. Dinosaurs. The romantic fire will be roaring, my friend.

Alright you lovebirds, go have some fun!

Been RVing for a while? I’d love to hear your suggestions for romance in the RV! Leave them in the comments below. 

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  1. Great blog and a subject that can be hard to talk about and has caused problems between couples.
    Let’s just say if one or both partners are a little ok a lot too verbal, being park 20 feet from the RV next to you with kids or not, just kind of takes you out of the mood destroyes the mood.

    Good for you to bring this up front

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