On this episode, I sit down with Luann Street of Where the Streets Wander to discuss all things travel planning.

The Virtual Campground's very own podcast on everything RV-living with enough laughs to fill a 5th wheel! Join Liz and your fellow RV enthusiasts from around the globe for Live Video episode number two: travel planning. | www.TheVirtualCampground.com

FYI: This starts at about the 5 minute mark.

We also play a fun game called “Actors and Movies” where we (desperately) try to name actors and movies associated with each other. Spoiler alert, we suck at it.

This is a hilarious and starts at about the 44 minute mark.

Last, this episode features a segment called “The Virtual Spotlight” where I feature real subscribers of The Virtual Campground. This is where they tell their story and share their most memorable moments. The good and the bad.

It’s just so awesome getting to know people, don’t you agree?

This episode features Andy and Lezlie sharing how they got into RVing and how they almost ruined their 5th wheel the very first time hitching up to the truck!

Check it out at the 51 minute mark.

What Luann and I talk about in this episode:

  • Luann’s RV story and how she got into travel planning
  • The 6 main travel mistakes you can make and how to get avoid them
  • How Liz really really sucks at travel planning and all the horror stories she’s collected from not following Luann’s advice
  • Luann’s travel planner and the exclusive TVC discount for it

What Andy and Lezlie talk about in this episode:

  • Their RV story and how they got on the road in 18 months
  • Nearly ruining their rig in the first 30 days
  • How The Virtual Campground helps them while on the road

Links mentioned in this episode:

And there you have it, episode 2 in the bag, baby! Be sure to listen to all the insane travel stories I tell in this episode. Seriously.

Pop in the comments what you loved!

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