This post for The Virtual Campground on simple camper makeover ideas was written by Ashley Mann of Ashley is an RV decor expert. She currently full-times in a Keystone Fifth Wheel.


If you are looking for a way to make your RV feel more homey but don’t want to do any painting or make any changes that can’t be undone, here are some simple camper makeover ideas that will help you give your RV a personalized touch.

1. Accessorize Your Camper

Probably the easiest way to make your RV your own is to fill it with things you love.  For a unified feel, choose items in colors that complement each other and don’t clash with your RV’s colors.

If you don’t think you’re good at picking colors, try using this website to discover colors that match your furniture and other things you already own.  

For example, if you start with dark brown as a base color (the color of the wood in so many RVs), you can get ideas for color combinations ranging from pastel to bright that are complementary to dark brown.  Here’s an example:


In the two photos below you can see what a big difference just an area rug and some throw pillows can make in a room.

If you are stuck with a couch you hate, consider adding a slipcover. This is a very easy way to makeover your RV.  

Slipcovers have come a long way since the 1990’s; some even have a separate cover for the cushions. Stuffing grippers or cut up pool noodles into the cracks can help hold it in place so you’re not constantly re-tucking.

Check out my sleeper sofa before and after I added stretch-fit slipcover.  (Decorative cats are also highly recommended.)

2. Decorate your camper with decals

Adhesive vinyl decals do the camper makeover for you!

You can use them to put an inspiring quote or favorite phrase on a wall or door…

…or to create a mural….

By Christine Alkhoury

…or to just fancy up something boring like your refrigerator!

3. Cover the cushions

This lets you match your own style while also protecting from stains and wear.

RV owner Erin Olsen came up with this easy way to make covers for hers without sewing:

By Erin Olsen
By Erin Olsen
By Erin Olsen

The covers for the two benches shown below were made from crib sheets! Elastic sheet straps were used to keep the covers from slipping off.

The owner of this simple camper makeover, blogger Ashley Pitre, used canvas drop clothes to cover her U-shaped dining booth.  She simply tucked them in around the edges and re-tucks them as needed.  

She says she likes how easy they are to take off and launder.

By Ashley Pitre
By Ashley Pitre

4. Use organizers as decor to makeover your camper.

Consider aesthetics in your quest for organization.  The beige organizer in the picture of my bathroom below only cost me $8. Although, I ended up regretting not spending a little more to get something that looked nicer. Consider spending the extra money on something like the wicker one shown in the second picture.

Organizers are a great way to create more space in your camper too. If you’re looking for some ways to organize your camper, check out my book Create Space From Thin Air.

Nice-looking organizers don’t have to be expensive, though.  This storage bin was made from a cardboard box, fabric, and rope, but would look much nicer on a shelf than a plastic bin from the dollar store.

Whenever possible, use cabinets for hiding clutter-y looking things, and use walls and shelves to store nicer-looking objects.  

For example, instead of storing towels in a cabinet and hanging a shoe organizer on the wall for bathroom products, turn the towels into a colorful display like this one and hide the toothpaste and deodorant in the cabinet.

By Anna Creel

5. Print some wall decor

Need some wall decor that’s cheap enough you don’t have to worry about breaking it?  

Check out my Pinterest board with links to hundreds of free printable designs (including the ones below) that you can download for free. Then print and put in a cheap frame.

Swap out as the mood strikes you.  Don’t want to put holes in your walls?  Try a no-drill method for hanging decor instead.


I Went to the Woods Free Printable Wall Decor

Better at the Beach Free Printable Wall Decor

6. Dress up mirrors and windows

One very simple camper makeover idea that gives your RV a whole new feel is to dress up the mirrors and windows.

This lacy window film adds privacy in addition to looking pretty.

By Christine Alkhoury

Here window film was used to decorate some cabinet door inserts.

By Cornelia Finder

Many RV owners seem to dislike the look of mirrored closet doors; adhesive window film is a good way to cover them up.

7. Use wallpaper in your simple camper makeover

Wallpaper is so versatile.

Not only does it come in almost any design imaginable, it can also be used to mimic the look of many things. Think brick, stone, tile, or wood plank walls.  

Removable wallpaper is an option for those concerned with making changes that might affect resale value.

By Ashley Pitre

8. Add a peel-and-stick tile backsplash

One of the most popular DIY style upgrades in the RV community is a peel-and-stick backsplash.

This look was created using wallpaper and adhesive metal tiles.


The tiles in these next three photos are actually adhesive sheets made from a gel-like material–kind of like giant stickers, but with the look and feel of tile.  (Popular brands of this type of tile include Smart Tiles and Tic Tac Tiles.)

9. Give your windows a facelift

My last style suggestion to makeover your camper is for making your window coverings fit your style. You can do this even if you don’t want to remove or damage the factory-installed cornices.

The owner of this RV hung pretty curtains under her cornices using tension rods.

Another RV owner also hung curtains using tension rods, but additionally covered her cornices by pinning fabric to them.


The cornices shown below were covered using a pretty tablecloth and staples.  Excess fabric was tucked in at the edges using a butter knife.

Finally, if you want to just remove the cornices altogether and replace them with curtains but don’t want to drill holes in the walls, adhesive hooks can be used instead for hanging lightweight cafe curtain rods.  (Some people use hooks of this type successfully, but if you have a problem with the hooks falling down, I recommend using clear acrylic double sided type to stick them back up.)

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to start your own simple camper makeover!  If you would like to see more ideas like these, I invite you to visit my website,!


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